Haunted first House

My mom told me a story about the first house that her and my dad bought as we were driving by a random road one day.

She said that when they had my brother they realized that the apartment they were living in was too small and decided to search for a house. So a couple of months later they found a small and quaint house at a very affordable price. They moved in the late winter and was fully settled into the house by the middle of spring. Since the house was small my brother had the bigger room upstairs and my parents had there bedroom downstairs.

One spring day when my dad was moving the grass one of there neighbors approached him, introduce himself and they got to talking. The neighbor asked my dad if he was aware what happen to the person that live in their house before they did. My dad said no. The neighbor preceded to tell my dad that there was a gentleman who lived in the house alone and one day he hung himself in the home upstairs.

Later that day my dad told my mom what the neighbor had told him and every day when she was alone taking care of my brother or doing her chores she would sometimes hear noises but she was so scared to see where they were coming from.

Also when my brother would sleep in his crib in his room upstairs and cry in the middle of the night my parents would be so hesitate in going upstairs.


Needless to say in the summer my parents decided to sell the house and move!


Until Next time!

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