My Criterion Collection Wish!

Hello everyone! Recently I got the Criterion Collection end of the year drawing where they have all the potential upcoming releases for the new year.


And it made me want to do another wish list of what movies I would like to see as part of the Criterion Collection library. So here are four movies that I would like to see as part of the collection and why:

  1. p8109_v_v8_aaFreaks (1932)- directed by Tod Browning. I was five years old the first time I watched this movie. My parents both had full time jobs and I was often dropped off at a babysitter’s house who mainly let me watch TV 80% of the time I was there. She never controlled what I watched so I pretty much watched anything. I remember that this movie was playing a lot during that time so I watch this movie the first year I was with my babysitter maybe up to 15 times that year. This movie stuck with me throughout my life so far and I really enjoyed it because of the diverse talent and crazy plot line!
  2. basket_case_movieposter_1381962150  Basket Case (1982)- directed by Frank Henenlotter- It is no surprise that this movie made my list. Frank Henenlotter is one of my favorite directors because of the characters he creates and Belial is one of my out there characters in cinema today! Henenlotter is known for his low budget creations and dark humor. If it were up to me Basket Case would be part of the film registry at the Library of Congress!
  3. 5ebb0a47c5a42e35b2793891b477b119 Grease 2 directed by Patricia Birch (1982)- If I had to choose between the first Grease and Grease 2 as which one is the better favorite of mine.I will always pick Grease 2 and it is mainly because of the soundtrack! With such song titles as “Do it for Our Country”, “Cool Rider” and “Reproduction.” How can you not have fun watching this movie??? It has a less serious tone than the first movie and I feel like it is way more entertaining!
  4. MV5BNzZjZGQwYTUtNTIyMi00MmIyLWI3MzAtNmVjNjMyMTc1ZGEzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDgxODg1MzU@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,1392,1000_AL_ Phenomena directed by Dario Argento (1985)- I am kind of surprised that Dario Argento has not been part of the Criterion Collection yet! I feel like this movie would be a good introduction to film fans that haven’t been introduce to this director.

What movies would you like to see as part of the Criterion Collection?


Until Next time!!!

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