Movie of the Day: Blood and Black Lace

Blood and Black Lace (1964) is a movie directed by Mario Bava and it is one of my favorite movies of his. It stars Cameron Mitchell and Eva Bartok.


This is such a colorful movie done in technicolor and it totally shows! With such saturated colors reflected on the screen it appeals to your eyes. It absorbs your eyes on the mystery of who is killing all of the models that belong to a fashion house that this movie centers around.


There is a killer on the loose and no one know who it is until the end. We as an audience do not see the mystery person because they are in a unique costume:


Mario Bava made this movie after he had much success of his two previous films. One was Black Sunday and the other was Black Sabbath. He was granted more creative control of this film and it shows with the high stylized background and  plot. I personally considered this movie to be one of my favorite movies that centered around fashion. Not a lot of people would think that fashion and horror goes together but I think it creates a unique plot.

This movie has been regarded as the beginning of the Giallo genre. Which is one of my favorite movie genres ever. Giallo is a movie theme that has a combination of mystery, slasher, horror and some kind of thriller rolled into one.

Fun fact about this movie that it only took six weeks to film!

Until next time!


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