Japanese Urban Legend: Deadly Kleenex!


Have you ever heard about the one Kleenex commercial from Japan that was apparently cursed?

Well in 1986 this commercial was deemed as having a darker sister curse. When it first started showing up on Japanese television airwaves it made people who watched it very uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that viewers actually called in TV stations as well as complained to the Kleenex complain to have this commercial pulled off the air.  The main complain was how creepy and evil the commercial seemed. It got such a negative response that it was pull off the Japanese TV airwaves within a couple of months.


This commercial was part of a three part  commercial campaign that the Kleenex company debut in 1986. This is a really random commercial to be honest. It has two actors one a baby who is costume as an Oni or ogre (which in Japanese culture is a mythical demon. And it usually has a horn or multiple horns and a red, blue or green colored body.)


It also has an actress named Keiko Matsuzaka dressed in a white dress and there is no dialogue exchanged between the two but you can hear a slow pace song. The song is called “Its A Fine Day” by  Edward Barton and Jane.

A lot of viewers who called in to complain about the commercial also claim that this song sounded like a “German curse” however this song was sung in English only. Those viewers who called in to complained about the commercial that saw it during the night time or at midnight when it was on the air. Claimed that the singer’s voice turned from a normal high pitch to a “raspy old woman.”

hqdefault (1)

The blunt of the urban legend seemed to be more geared towards Keiko Matsuzaka. Everything from she died, she went crazy after filming  and was taken to a mental hospital and that she had her own demon child because she was part of this commercial.  However Keiko Matsuzaka is still alive and has done various commercials for Nissin Foods, Nissan cars and other Kleenex products.

The baby and the crew that shot the commercial apparently died also after this commercial wrapped.

Although none of these things were true it create an urban legend that is decades old which proves to me that even the most random things such as a Kleenex commercial can become scary!

Side note: When Kleenex pulled this commercial off the air they replaced it with this one. Which is more random and weirder then the one the pulled:


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Source: Wikipedia


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