The story of menstruation: A Disney Short

Back in 1946 Walt Disney was in dire need of money. He need money to keep his company afloat because with War World II in full effect. It caused a major money turn off in his revenues in theaters in Europe. He also suffered a major financial loss with his recent movie venture of Fantasia.

So Walt Disney started taking job offers offers from other companies and the government to get back the money he loss.

So in 1946 a company called “the International Cello-Cotton Company ” hired Walt Disney to make a short about menstruation and the importance of using feminine hygiene products especially ones by Kotex. Since the International Cello-Cotton Company” owns that brand.

Disney even hired a Gynecologist named Mason Hohn to make sure of the accuracy of the medical and scientific facts that are discussed in the short.

The International Cello-Cotton Company had hopes that this short would be shown in schools nationwide and it was successful in that. Even school doctors and nurses got a booklet with the short with topics of conversation after the viewing of the short. It also got a seal of approval by Good housekeeping thanks to it being more scientifically accurate about the menstruation process rather then emphasizing the Kotex products.

This short also discusses about what not to do when you are menstruating.

Like do not shock your body with too cold or too hot water:

The importance of good posture vs bad posture:

And my favorite don’t do too many exercises that your body is not used to:

In 2015 the Library of Congress selected “the Story of Menstruation” as part of the National Film Registry. Citing it as an important part of it being “culturally, aesthetically or historically ” important.

To watch the 9 minute short the link is below:

Until next time!

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