It’s a Flash Sale! : Criterion Style!!!

I just got an email this afternoon from the Criterion Collection website that for the next 24 hours (October 15, 2019) they are having 50% off all blu-rays and DVD that are currently in stock on their site!

So with only 24 hours to get your Criterion Collection movie sale on it is crunch time! I will list five movies to suggest to get during this round of the sale!

I always tried to select different titles every time a 1/2 dvd/blu ray sale happens. So in no particular order here we go!:

The BRD Trilogy. Rainer Werner Fassbinder is one of my favorite directors and if you haven’t been introduced to his movies. I believe that this set is a good forward step in watching his films. Three different women represent different situations in West Germany. The women in these movies are so strong in their characters it left such an impression in my mind.

Link to buy is below:

Häxan directed by Benjamin Christensen. This movie is amazing ! This is a recent re release from the Criterion Collection and it has the feel of a real like documentary but with witches and devils! The imagery in this film alone is definitely worth a watch!

Link to buy is below:

The Seventh Seal directed by Ingmar Bergman. I am not the biggest Ingmar Bergman film person however I do really like this movie because I am such a fan of the lead actor in this movie. Max von Sydow plays a knight who is faced with the deadly plague! Death makes a wager with him with a game of chess and this premise has been so used in various future movies that you have watch the source so better understand why it is so iconic.

Link to buy is below:

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me directed by David Lynch I just recently watched this movie through the Criterion Collection streaming app and although it is consider more drama it has some super scary horror moments in it. I like David Lynch’s movies because on the surface they seem very calm with beautiful people and gorgeous people. But the longer you watch his movies you notice that the gorgeous people are just a facade of a more sinister darker horrifying people inside and sometimes out.

Link to buy is below:

Cat People directed by Jacques Tourneur. RKO made a lot of horror movies. I actually purchased this movie as a blind buy because I am familiarize with Val Lewton and decided this would be the perfect month to buy it.

Link is below to buy:

What Criterion Collections are you planning to buy during the sale? Comment below with your picks.

Happy Shopping!

Until next time!

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