A Barbie lover’s Dream: Jayne M. and Her Pink Palace

There some houses that I idolized in terms of design and concept. The Haunted Mansion is one example of houses I would LOVE to live in and the other is Jayne Mansfield Pink Palace in Los Angles, California.


Jayne Mansfield bought this house in 1957. It was a 40 bedroom house style in an Mediterranean theme in terms of the construction of the house. The house used to be owned by former teen idol and singer Rudy Vallee:

Rudy Vallee (left) and Adrienne Ames (right) in Scandals (1934)

Jayne Mansfield bought the house from Vallee for $76,000 and it was before she married Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay. Mansfield acquired most of the money for the house from an inheritance of family member.

gettyimages-1061030136 (1)
Mickey Hargitay


After she bought it and got married, she decided with the help of her new hubby and set designer Glen Holse she set out in turning her new house into her dream “Pink Palace.”


Her first step towards her dream house was to paint the bland white house on the outside of the house to her favorite color: Pink.


Then slowly but surely Jayne started transforming the inside of the house.


She decide to cover most of the floors in nothing by shag carpeting:



She cover her bathrooms in pink tile and wall to wall pink furs. One of my favorite things about her bathroom were her heart shaped bathtubs also in pink! She had a constant theme of gold hardware, statues of cupids and angels (she was a big believer in Angels)  throughout the house.


The newly married couple had some furniture issues while trying to fill in there new pink home. They spent a lot of their money buying the house that they didn’t have a lot left over for much else. So since they were so they were both so popular. Jayne Mansfield came up with the ploy of going to furniture stores and offering to sit on the furniture in the store so she would be autograph in them for the newspapers. She would also signed autographs there too and as an exchange for the furniture stores would give the couple furniture for free.

Even though she had a lot of fluffy aspects in her house she would do some transitional rooms in different material such as the patio and this hallway with her many many magazine covers.


She even had a heart shaped pool:


Here is a short clip of Mickey Hargitay talking about the house:

Jayne Mansfield wasn’t not able to live very long in her pink palace. She died in a terrible car accident in 1967. The house had several owners such a Mama Cass, and  Ringo Starr. Ringo Starr mentioned that he tried to get rid of the pink color many many times by painting it over white but for some odd reason the pink color was still able to steep though. Many believed that Jayne loved that house so much that her spirit never left.


In 1977 Englebert Humperdinck  bought the house. He kept most of the original furniture and styles that Jayne had in the house. He even kept Jayne’s bed and bed board in her bedroom.   He kept the house until 2002 when it sold for about $8 million dollars.

Englebert Humperdinck

Unfortunately the owners who bought the house in 2002 decided to tear it down to make room on their own property. I believed it was bought from a neighbor who wanted to expand their house.

Until next time!


Sources: Wikipedia, Youtube and Getty Images



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