La Pasculita: More than just a mannequin?


In a small town called Chihuahua, Mexico there is a wedding dress shop called La Popular that has an interesting story. There is a mannequin that they have been using since 1930. However that is not the the most interesting part of the story.


Their is a urban legend surrounding this particular mannequin. On March 25, 1930 this mannequin appeared wearing the latest wedding dress of the spring and summer collection. However it wasn’t what the mannequin was wearing made people do a double take when they walked past the main story window display. Rather it was the mannequin itself. Locals said that the mannequin really looked like Pascuala Esparza’s (who owned the shop) daughter who passed away during the same time frame as the mannequin started to be used as the main display in the front window.


According to the legend Pascuala’s daughter died from a severe bit from a black widow spider on her wedding day. Pascuala was so overcome by grief of the death of her daughter. That she supposedly had her daughter embalmed and kept her in the store as a mannequin.  People started to talk about how much the mannequin looked like her daughter. Also is that was not weird enough people started to notice the mannequin’s hands and skin looked too life like. She even had real hair and cuticles where the nails are.



Her facial features and every details of the entire mannequin seemed to go more towards the realistic ness of it being more human like then just a display to showcase wedding gowns.

Over the decades of the mannequin being displays there have been various reporting of the mannequin shifting positions at night by herself to her eyes watching you while you look at her.



I personally believe she is just a really detailed mannequin. Whoever made this particular mannequin went above and beyond in creating an extremely life like one. Plus I do not believe that the conditions of the wedding dress store fit the extreme requirements of preserving an human body.


However I think the store take pride of the local legend that surrounds the business. Yes, it probably  does creep out a lot of people that this particular mannequin looks extremely life like. However I feel like it add personal flavor to the town.

Has anyone heard about this or visited the wedding dress shop?

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