Not all McDonald’s locations are the same: A virtual mini Vaca

Not all McDonald’s locations look the same. Some exteriors of this fast food mega giant are unique to there location. Some of these unique styles are gone and some are not. Here are some examples that not all McDonald’s locations are the same! (Side note in no way is this blog post sponsor by McDonald’s)


Roswell. New Mexico:

Source: Roadside American

This McDonald’s is the only saucer shaped store front in the world. New Mexico is better as the Extraterrestrial state. It literal looks like you are about to enter the coolest spaceship that serves fries!

Chicago, Illinois- This McDonald’s had a rock and roll theme until 2017. It was one of the more iconic McDonalds and also produced one of the highest volume of customers

This McDonald’s had it own museum (the subject: McDonald’s of course!) and items owned by Chuck Berry, Elvis and other prominent rock & roll music icons. 

In the last couple of years they remodel this location to bring a more futuristic aesthetic environment:


Eureka Springs, Arkansas:

1432685789-eurekaspringscitydatacreditteralmc (1)

 This is one of my favorite locations in terms of the style. This style was chosen for it’s location to replica some of the Victorian architecture that the town has.  It reminds me of a doll house I used to play with at a neighbor’s house. This is the only pink trim McDonald’s with porcelain china in it’s windows that I know of. 


Orlando, Florida:


This is a McDonald I went to a couple of times when I was younger when my family and I would go to DisneyWorld. This McDonalds stood out in my head and I am sad that the exterior is gone. But I will have fond memories of going there and seeing the great tile art. 


I also remember ordering a pineapple pie from this particular location. Does anyone remember that desert?

Dallas, Texas: 


I remember visiting this one a lot when my family and I went on vacation. I tend to like the McDonald’s that have more of their iconic characters or what they are known for food wise. Plus the other half of this McDonald’s was a HAPPY MEAL!! This one 100% McDonald’s Americana filled with Ralph Lauren wallpaper and an awesome playground! 


Dallas, Texas:


This McDonald’s is also located in Dallas, Texas  across from the Dallas Zoo, and it is fully theme inside and out of ANIMALS!!! Some of the animals are posing eating some fries and burgers. Here is a YouTube video of a more in depth look of the exterior and  interior of this impressive location: 



New Hyde Park, New York:


This McDonald’s is dubbed the “McMansion of New York”. But it is actually called “The Denton House. This house was built in 1795 and when McDonald’s bought the property in 1985, they had every intention of tearing the house down to build a  standard location. However the townspeople of New Hyde Park intervene to keep the house standing. The townspeople and McDonald’s met in the middle and renovated the outside of the house and fix the inside for the restaurant.



There are so many other unique locations I might do a part two of this blog in a future post. Has anyone ever visited these locations or another unique one? Comment below!!

Until next time!!!

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