Hidden Muppets part 2!

Hello and welcome to the second installment of Hidden Muppets part 2! Where I talk a little about lesser known muppet characters. Last summer I did part one: Hidden Muppets?  

And decided to do a follow up piece discussing some more not well known muppets and so in no particular order:


Seven-Foot-Tall Talking Carrot: He made only one appearance in Muppet history. He appeared with Gilda Radner signing a couple of duets together in season three of the Muppet Show.

For a carrot he was a little pushy but funny nonetheless! Gilda wrote to be pair with a seven foot tall talking parrot and due to the confusing handwriting she got a seven-foot-tall talking carrot instead.


Mean Mama: She first appeared on the Muppet show when she was protecting her baby from Don Knotts and his show “Beast of the Week”:

Sometimes she goes by the name “Big Mama” and has appear a couple of times in Muppet history. Although no one on the screen has outright said her name with the Muppet Workshop she is known as those two names.Bigmama

She is a rare Muppet because she goes back and forth in shape as either a hand puppet or a Muppet in full human size.


Emily “Ma” Bear- she is the mother of Fozzie Bear and only made a handful appearances in the Muppet world. However she is mention in conversation by her son Fozzie so at least she is brought up in conversation. She had a couple of central roles in A Muppet’s Family Christmas when Fozzie took the whole Muppet gang to visit her at the house at a farm.



She was also in The Muppets at Walt Disney World (NBC, 1990) a long forgotten special that has been on my watch list for years!


Thog-is a sweeter kind of Muppet. Coming in a over in nine feet he is mostly in the background of most of the time in the muppet world but he is a great dancing partner.

He also made a memorable appearance on the Dick Cavett show (and also one of my favorite Dick Cavett episodes! ) with Jim Henson in 1971.


Thog is also known as a “Frackle” which means he was part of a group of Muppets that appeared on a special called “The Great Santa Claus Switch.” (1970).

Jill, Gil and Bill- this trio first made their appearance in one of my favorite movies: Manhattan Melodies. They worked at a place called


They needed help for their Ocean Breeze campaign and Kermit shortly became part of their ad group:DyppPEKWwAYOeN0

They aren’t frequently used characters in the Muppet world. They appeared two more times in Public Service Announcement for  the National Wildlife Federation in 1991:



What are your favorite Muppets? I might do a part 3 in the future? Did you know or remember any of the ones that were mention in the blog posts? If so comment below!


Until Next time!!



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