Hidden Destinations: Clown Motel

I always admired clowns ever since I was little. I used to watch a lot of Bozo the clown growing up:


So it was no surprised that when I heard that this clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada  I added it to one of my wish list destinations. The location of this motel  is a town that is in the middle of the desert and the closest town is about 200 miles away.


Some interesting facts about this unique destination:

This motel has been deemed as “American’s Scariest Motel:”



The motel is right next door to Old Tonopah Cemetery. It was an active cemetery from  1901 until 1911. Many of the “residents” of the cemetery were from a unknown illness that was termed as “Tonopah Plague” that hit that town during that time frame.  This cemetery had a short shelf life because of the tiny space of land it kept and the number of people who was passing during that time outgrew it. A lot of towns people believe that this cemetery along with some other key places in town are actively haunted.


Back in the summer of 2017 former owner Bob Perchetti wanted to retire after running the hotel for over 22 years. So he put the hotel up for sale for a staggering 900,000 dollars.


However there were some stipulations in the sale: Any and all of the clown motifs would stay and any kind of future renovations would need his approval. Also random visits for him to see how the motel was progressing after his retirement was a must. And yes it was sold under those stipulations sometime later in the following year.


Everywhere in the motel has a clown in it. From the main lobby which has over 500 clowns alone:


Even the doors to the rooms had pictures of clowns with the door number appearing above it:


Yes even the rooms has a little bit of the clown motif:


Every room has a unique and special clown touch to it:



In 2019 there was a horror movie shot at the motel about well the clown motel:


The title of the movie was called…..CLOWN MOTEL:

Atlas Obscura made this motel part of the 100 wonders list:


So what are your thoughts about this motel?

Would you stay here? Is the theme of the motel scary or cute? Comment below!:


Until Next time!


Source: Atlas Obscura, and Trip Advisor.



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