Welcome to the Insta-hood: @poppopandily !

Hello everyone! This week I had the pleasure of interviewing fellow Instagram account:



  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“If 50 is the “new 30”, Then I am pushing the “new 40 “.A sin that dare not speak its number .I have been self -isolated by choice since January of  2016 in a haunted house that was left to me by my Maternal Grandmother.”

2. Can you talk a little your experience being a teenage Drag Queen?

Image (2)

“I was a Teen-Age Drag Queen from 1977-1980.This fact was necessitated by the extreme bullying I received for the unforgivable act of being “Too Pretty”.

Image (3)

My response was to be even prettier at the Drag Bar on the Weekends which awarded me with minor Celebrity status as Miss Ashley or “Angel” as I was dubbed by the Gay community of Atlanta Ga.Fun facts about Miss Ashley -Ate Monday and Tuesday only ,Had one Bi-Sexual Construction Worker Boyfriend the whole 3 years.”

3. If you were to make a top 5 movie list to watch while staying indoors. What would you pick and why?

“Top 5 Movies to suggest -5) “A Stolen Life “ with Miss Bette Davis -Master Acting Class.p1166_v_v8_aa

4)”Logan’s Run” -Sci-Fi about eliminating the Old -Could it be more pertinent ?https___blogs-images.forbes.com_curtissilver_files_2019_02_box-1200x502

3)”Female on the Beach “ Joan Crawford at her post apocalyptic best.wm55femalejeff

2) “Glass Menagerie “ -Shirley Booth 1966 version .I have been every one of these Characters in my life .Had to include Tennessee Williams.

1)”About Mrs .Leslie “ -Shirley Booth again .Plot involves My ideal relationship -6weeks of undivided perfect attention per year -the remaining Year spent alone with my Dog!”


4. Who are your top 3 current inspirational people and why?

“Top 3 Inspiring People -1)Meryl Streep -who I aspired to be like as a Woman

2)Justin Vivian Bond -mxviv on Insta ,Who is living our best life.


3)Mr.Brad Pitt – Who I would want to be like as a Man .So admire his body of work. Especially “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood “sobbed for hours at relief for the ending!”


5. What was your craziest experience you had this year and why?

“Craziest experience this Year :Double Hernia operation -First Surgery of my life -2 Foot scar from “there “ to my Rib cage .Still recovering .”


If you like to know more information about Morgan this is his Instagram account:


Image (5)


Thank you so much for the interview!!!


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