Some feel good movies!

Hello I thought I would share some feel good movies I have been watching the last couple of weeks:

The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981) Directed by Joel Schumacher:


Starring Lily Tomlin, Charles Grodin and Ned Beatty. Based on the book by Richard Matheson who wrote “The incredible Shrinking Man.” Lily Tomlin plays a women named Pat Kramer and through some weird unknown product that her husband brings home. It makes her start to shrink in size! This was director’s Joel Schumacher first movie (that wasn’t a made for TV movie) and what impressed me most was the pop of pastels used for the background and the use of the multiple product placement throughout the movie. This movie had a couple of laughs and worth a watch!

Random fact about the movie: Make-up artist Rick Baker plays Sidney the gorilla in the movie.


This movie is available to rent through Itunes:

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Working Girl (1988): Directed my Mike Nichols:


Starring Melanie Griffith, Joan Cusack, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver and lots and lots of hair! Melanie Griffith is Tess McGill a  secretary who comes from a working class background.  She wants to better herself and work through the levels of her job to have a better life. She comes up with amazing ideas only to have her boss take them from her and uses them as her own ideas.

Random fact about this movie: This was the only time so far that Melanie Griffith has been nominated for an Oscar for her role in this movie.

Available to rent from Youtube:

Working Girl

Bachelor in Paradise (1961) directed by Jack Arnold:

Starring Bob Hope and Lana Turner. Bob Hope plays an book author who writes a bunch of provocative books and is single due to job. He travels a lot for his job and gets a quick wake up call from the IRS about some taxes he did not file for. So he is forced to stay in California until everything is figure out. He moves into a gated community under an assume name and shakes up the whole neighborhood while he is there!

Random movie fact:

Agnes Moorehead does a cameo in this movie as a judge.

Available to rent from Amazon:

Bachelor in Paradise

Mr. Mom (1983).Directed by Stan Dragoti:


Starring Michael Keaton, and Terri Garr. When Jack Butler gets fired from his job his wife (played by Terri Garr) goes back to work, and the roles in their household are reserved.

Random movie fact:

Michael Keaton turned down a role in the movie Splash to be in this movie.

Available to rent from Youtube:

Mr. Mom

First Wives Club (1996) directed by Hugh Wilson:


Starring Diane Keaton, Better Midler and Goldie Hawn. These three ladies reunited after many years since college at a mutual friend’s funeral. They then admit about the downturn that their lives have become at that point, including all getting and have been divorce. They all decide to unite and turned their lives around for the better!

Random movie fact: This movie was nominated for an oscar for best original score.

Available to rent from Amazon:

First Wives Club


What are some of your feel good movies to watch? Comment below!

Until next time!



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