Great Small Businesses: @thatssewsimpsons !

Hello I had the pleasure this week of interviewing Charley who runs a great small business: @thatssewsimpsons

  1. Tell me a little about your business: “I recreate scenes from The Simpsons via needle and thread. It actually started it to see if it would help me as I have A.D.D and found it hard to concentrate or sit still even when i’m watching TV. So this enables me to sit down still for more than 5 mins! It then became a more fun hobby and then when people liked my art it turned more into a side hustle! Seeing people who like my work makes my day!”

2. How did you come up with your Business name?

“My friend was helping me come up with possible ideas and she suggested a name and I replied with ‘that’s so stupid!’ and we both had that lightbulb moment at the same time and wen’t ‘omg that’s so Simpsons’ and then added the play on words for That’s Sew Simpsons.”

3. What is your top 3 favourite Cartoon characters and why

“Moleman – his one liners just get me every time. I am so gay for him

Bart – He’s like a young Mac from Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I vibe with that sass.

 Chief Wiggum –  Bake him away toys.

Non Simpsons would be:

 Scruffy The Janitor. He’s my Moleman of Futurama, his one liners are too much.

Roger the Alien – American Dad. I feel like we can relate a lot on most things, mainly wine.

Psyduck – he was my favourite Pokemon growing up and I still think he’s so silly and cute.”

4. What has been the most requested character and why do you think that one is so popular?

“I think there’s a few popular ones, my OG Homer in the Bushes if by far the most popular so I always have that as a made to order on my shop. Other than that it’s always Bart, Lisa or Homer. I guess they have the most screen time with the most rememberable / funny quotes. I love doing really obscure ones too though, ones that I forget about and go ‘oh how have I not done this already!”

5. Do you have any exciting news or promotions that you would like to share?

“Nothing exciting or new at the mo :(“

If you like to know more about Charley’s business. The following information is below @thatssewsimpsons



I also have some items as well! I totally recommend this business!:

Thank you for the interview!

Until Next time!

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