50% off Criterion Collection Sale at B&N: THE SALE STARTS NOW!

I just got an email today from the Criterion Collection that Barnes and Noble started their 50% off Criterion Collection Blu Rays and DVDs. I made a quick list of the titles to buy if you want to try something new or are undecided what to buy:

Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits (spine #1036)- Ever since I was little I have always been a huge fan of Bruce Lee. His style was effortless and his films marked a new chapter of movies for me to watch.

Link to Preorder is below: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dvd-bruce-lee-his-greatest-hits-criterion/34875901?ean=0715515247214

An Unmarried Woman directed by Paul Mazursky (Spine # 1032): So this movie is one of my favorites by Paul Mazursky. It stars Jill Clayburgh as a women who was married for 16 years and one day her husband (played by Michael Murphy) leaves her for a younger women. As put together as Jill Clayburgh’s character was up until the point she basically had to refined who she was as a person and come stronger than her marriage.

Link to buy is below:


Husbands- Directed by John Cassavetes (spine #1029): I am a huge fan of John Cassavetes because he truly did everything he could to bring his movies on to screens. Every time I see his films I feel like I am actually part of his movies because they seem more documentary like then an over budget movie.

Link to buy is below:


Being There directed by Hal Ashby (spine # 864). What I admired most about Hal Ashby is that he always made movies that feature the most out of the ordinary characters. The characters that normally do not have a voice on the screen in other movies. Takes the front seat in his movies. This movie has so much heart in it that I need a box of tissues when I am done watching it.

Link to buy is below:


Scorsese Shorts- directed by Martin Scorsese (spine #1030)- I do enjoy Martin Scorsese earlier movies so it will be interesting to his shorts. This is a blind buy for me but I think it was a must buy for myself. Also @hydesister made the cover for it which is awesome!!

Link to buy is below:https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dvd-criterion-collection-scorsese-shorts-criterion/34718356?ean=0715515246415

What movies are on your want list? Comment below!

Until next time!

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