The Tiny history of Teeny Little Super Guy

I used to watch a lot of PBS growing up. My parents both work and ever since I could remember I would spend the majority of my time with a babysitter. The majority of spending time with her involved watch TV in her apartment. With the mandatory hour time frame (weather depending) of going to the nearby park to go play or walk around to get some fresh air. But I mostly enjoyed just watching TV and was amused by anything that was on TV.

I had a deep infatuation with PBS:

I watched a ton of British Comedy, cooking shows (even though I do not cook), travel shows, and of course Sesame Street:

Sesame Street and PBS were my best friends when friends at school didn’t want to be. So I felt like these shows were my second family. One segment from Sesame Street has been sticking in my mind the past couple of weeks.

Teeny Little Super Guy premiere in season 15 (around 1982). This character was created by Paul Fierlinger in production with Larry Gold, and Tom Sloan. Paul Fierlinger had also made countless other cartoon segments for Sesame Street (below are just a few examples of his work):

However for me he will forever be remember for one of my favorite characters on the show:

About 13 segments of the Teeny Little Super Guy were made in total. The first one titled “Swing of Cooperation” took about two months to create and finish.

Most of these segments had a common thread of learning a lesson and a sense of understanding. All of the segments were made in Paul’s home and in his studio:

Paul Fierlinger and Tom Sloan setting up the School segment in Paul’s house. Source: Wikipedia

My young self did not realize all the hard work it took to create something that was only about five to ten minutes long! Instead I was thinking how cool it was that there were tiny people who live in drinking glasses!

I remember my young self was convince that the Teeny Little Super Guy lived in my kitchen cupboard so I would often used the same set of cups. I was convinced that the Tiny Little Super Guy would randomly show up in my glass while I was drinking atlas that never happen! But at least I have my memories and YouTube to watch the amazing segments! Sesame street stop showing these segments on their show around the early 2000’s. However the Teeny Weeny Super Guy has a forever home as a display in the Brooklyn Public Library. So if you are ever in New York and if the library is open. Stop by and you might see the Teeny Little Super Guy:

Until next time!!

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