The Beauty of Screaming Mad George

Screaming Mad George is one of my favorite special effects artist! He is a man of many hats. He is also a film director and a punk rock musician.

Screaming Mad George real name is Jodi Tani and was born on October 7, 1956 in Osaka, Japan. While growing up in Japan he decided to change his first name to George because he wanted to be different. He then went to college at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. While going to school he decided to truly transform himself and brand himself as “Screaming Mad George.”

He got the name from two of his greatest inspirations. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins:

And Mad Magazines:

In the 1970’s he was in a punk band called The Mad:

Around that time frame he started making music videos which led him into working on special effects in movies.

His first movie he did special effects was a short film called “The Bogus Man” (1980). Then he progress to working on the special effects in movies such as Predator, Big Trouble in Little China,

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987).

Screaming Mad George working on Predator helmet. Image from @stanwinstonschool

Although my favorite movie that he did special effects for is Society (1989) directed by Brian Yuzna. They had a long working friendship together and Screaming Mad George continued to work on Yuzna movies such as Bride of Re-Animator.

Screaming Mad George and Crew on the set of Society.

Brian Yuzna even produced Screaming Mad George’s only movie he directed name “The Guyver” (1991).It had Mark Hamill and Vivian Wu:

Screaming Mad George has also collaborated with a lot of musicians. Ranging from making custom masks for the band Slipknot since 2000. And doing makeup for Marilyn Manson:

If you like to learn more information about this amazing artist. This is the following information:

Screaming Mad George Official Website:

Screaming Mad George

Instagram: @screamingmadgeorge

Resources: Internet Movie Database, and Wikipedia

Until next time!

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