Old Nick shows: A Flashback. Part 2!

Hello! In June I wrote about some old Nickelodeon shows that I used to watch while growing up.( Link is here if you wanted to read part one: Old Nick shows: A Flashback! ) So I decided to do a follow up. Here is part two in no particular order:

The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994-1998) starring Larsia Oleynik, Darris Love and Meredith Bishop.

I remember being really sad when the show Clarissa Explains it all was over. I thought nothing to fill the gap of the show until I started watching the Secret World of Alex Mack. Alex was walking home from her first day of middle school when she was struck by a can that the truck was carrying a weird secret chemical. A chemical that completely drench and she gain weird powers

Such as making objects float in the air or making electricity come out of her fingertips. Or anything thing sci fi like she can practically do.

I secretly wish that when I was walking home that a weird secret chemical would spill on me so I can have magical powers just like Alex Mack!

You Can’t Do that on TV: (1981-1990 during the Nickelodeon years)

This was the first show I remember watching on the Nickelodeon channel. I don’t remember much about the show itself although the few segments that are burnt onto my mind was the slime segments. Where the people on the show would get randomly covered on a lime green goo,

This would be a show I would not mind the channel redoing especially if they kept the slime segments.

Double Dare (1986-1993, 2000, 2018-2019):

I always wanted to be on this show because of all the fun challenges that you have to do on it. I always wanted to be on the blue team because I felt like the red team won more and I wanted to see the blue win. I remember being impressed by the bigger than life props such as the big nose:

I know that Nickelodeon did a couple reboots of this show with the show co-host: Marc Summers.

However I am such a fan of the original ones that I feel like the new ones aren’t up to par just yet but I do hope to see newer versions of this live show in the future!

Doug (1991-1994 the Nickelodeon years)

I often found myself humming to the theme song of Doug quite often. I remember being such an avid fan of the cartoon series and continued to watch it during it’s run on ABC Saturday morning cartoons. My favorite character on the show was Roger because of his interesting haircut and sassy attitude towards Doug :

I remember that I actually did see the live show when I went to visit the Disney parks. I was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t the actual cartoon characters in the show instead it was live people being the cartoons. I was extremely confused by the whole show and was glad it only ran for two years.

AaaHH!!!!! Real Monsters (1994-1997):

Any cartoon that had monsters in it I was totally on board for and this cartoon was totally up my alley!

My favorite character on the show was The Gromble:

Any monster that could rock and wear four pairs of high heels deserves total props in my book. I remember watching a lot of the shows during the afternoons after I got home from school and would refuse to do any homework until after I watched my daily episode for that day.

What shows did you watch growing up? Comment below!

Until next time!

Source: Wikipedia and youtube

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