Boris Karloff….. as Captain Hook???

A lot of people may remember actor William Henry Pratt (better known as his stage name Boris Karloff) as this character on the silver screen:

Or as this character:

But did you know that Boris Karloff also played the role of Captain Hook on stage?:

That’s right! Boris Karloff was in a musical version of Peter Pan in 1950:

This version of Peter Pan had lyrics composed by Leonard Bernstein ( he also did scores for the movies “On the Waterfront” and “West Side Story.”) This production was supposed to be a full blown musical with a majority of the play would be in song and dance. However I am not really sure why but it only have five songs out of the many songs that Bernstein composed for it.

The Five songs that made it into it were:

“Who am I”

“Pirate Song”

“Plank Round”

“Peter Pan”

“Build My House”

This version of Peter Pan starred Jean Arthur as Peter Pan

And Boris Karloff playing two roles in this version. He played George Darling

And of course he played Captain Hook:

This stage version opened on April 24, 1950 on Broadway and had quite a successful run because it played for over 300 shows and finally closed on January 27, 1951.

I personally would of love to have seen this version of Peter Pan on stage. Boris Karloff seems like he would of been an amazing Captain Hook! The costumes and his makeup alone seems like he would of scared a lot of kids in the audience:

What stage shows do you wish you can see if you have the chance to see it? Comment below!

Until next time!!

Source: Wikipedia

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