Welcome to the Insta-hood: @no_thriller !

This week’s Welcome to the Insta-hood is on IG account @no_thriller

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself:

“I was born, raised and still reside in Canada, practically right on the Canada/USA border, allowing for my childhood to be heavily influenced by both Canadian AND American pop culture.

As anyone can see from my Instagram account, I’m a nostalgia enthusiast/self appointed 80s and 90s pop culture curator – preserving and archiving bits and pieces (primarily toys, movies and cartoons) from the era of my childhood and teen years.

Honestly, I think I am the biggest fan of my Instagram feed – which makes total sense to me; I’ve had no other motivation on Instagram than to post things I really like because I like them.  The No_Thriller account is purely about sharing what makes me smile with anyone and everyone. Our world (current state of affairs notwithstanding) could use more smiles.”

2. Can you explain the process of how you came up with your IG name : @no_thriller and the theme of it?

“I have been using the “No_Thriller” handle for over 20 years now.  I believe it was influenced by a song that was playing on the radio (can’t remember which, pretty sure I misheard the lyrics anyway haha.) while I was trying to come up with a cool password for an Instant Messenger account.  After a while, it evolved from just a password to my regular handle and just sort of took over becoming my primary pseudonym for all things online.”

3. What are your three favorite themes you have posted on IG and why?

“Originally my IG account was a place to photograph and preserve my collection of action figures and toys from the 80s.  Over time it morphed into an all out 1980s pop-culture fan page.  Eventually themes did start to emerge beyond just toys. I started digging deeper than my own personal collection and found I really enjoyed deep-diving through the internets and posting photos and clips from movies, cartoons, TV toy commercials, magazine/comic book ads and pretty much anything else I could get my hands on from the 70s, 80s and 90s. 

Typically if you watch my feed for a couple of weeks you’d see that I often stick to posting something relevant to the specific day of the week, and then other randomness in between.  

Probably my favorite theme is the Saturday morning cartoon posts I try to do each week.  I spend the week looking for different cartoons that I fondly remember, or in some cases only recently discovered, and upload an IGTV video of that cartoon’s opening intro.  It’s pretty great to see the follower response each week from individuals who had completely forgot about some of these shows and comment that they were transported back to their 5 year old selves!  Like I mentioned earlier, that pretty much sums up the purpose of the No_Thriller account: make people smile.”

4. If you had to make a top five movies to watch list based on the theme of your Instagram. What movies would be on the list and why?

“I’ve always been a bit of a sci-fi nerd, so that genre would strongly influence any top 5 list relating to my Instagram account. 

That being said, the fantasy, super hero and horror genres also play serious roles in what I post.

As well, if anything even resembles a “crossover” (for example: the Fraggles and Sesame Street gang showing up in A Muppet Family Christmas) I’m all over it!

For all the aforementioned criteria, I’d have to give the top spots to these 5 films (in no particular order):

Back to the Future

The Last Starfighter

Better Off Dead

Terminator II


War Games

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

The Karate Kid II

A Muppet Family Christmas

Transformers (1986 – Animated)

Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The Goonies


Batman Returns



Raiders of the Lost Ark




Blade Runner


A Nightmare On Elm Street III – Dream Warriors”

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“In the past I’ve worked on promoting podcasts, collaborating on sticker/pin/web designs, writing the occasional retrospective article etc.

I’m always open to collaborating on different projects with other groups/individuals, but currently I don’t have anything on the horizon. 

Although, I have been considering doing another wave of stickers and or pins for the upcoming holiday seasons… AND I’m often playing around with new seasonal updates to my IG avatar (but that’s probably more for my own entertainment, haha).”

If you would like to know more about @no_thriller here is the following contact information:

Instagram: @no_thriller

Twitter: @Nthriller

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