Hidden Destinations: La Isla de las Munecas

Located somewhere in Mexico City where the Laguna de Teshuilo is. There is a place called “La Isla de las Munecas” (The Island of the Dolls).

Why is there a place that has thousand of dolls just randomly hung everywhere? Well it all stemmed from an urban legend. A local resident named Don Julian Santana Barrera was living a normal life during the 1950’s. He had a wife and family but one day decided to leave them for unknown reasons and moved into an island close that was on Teshuilo Lake and purely isolating himself from not only his family but from everyone. He claimed the island as his own and decided to not only lived there but to take care of it.

Don Julian Santana Barrera

Between the time frame of himself living in total isolation on the island and leaving his family he came across a disturbing find near his island and the Teshuilo Lake. He found the body of a young lady that had seem to have drown in the lake. While he found the body he also noticed a doll near it. Then it clicked in his mind that the two correlated with each other and started an obsessed behavior pattern for almost fifty years. He took the doll and hung it from a nearby tree because he believe it would make the spirit of the young girl he found in the lake happy.

From there he decided that in order to live on that island and not to anger the spirit of the young girl he found any doll he found he would hang it up on his island. Over the span of decades he every surface of the island was cover with some kind of doll or doll parts:

He said he kept adding the dolls to the island because he would hear whispers or footsteps near his hut and was terrified that if he didn’t obey the young girl’s spirit then there would be deadly consequences. This destination became so well known that people would come to visit the island bring dolls as a peace offering to appease the young girl’s spirit wishes. Some would even brings dolls in hopes that the young girl’s spirit would blessed them or offer a miracle on their behalf.

Unfortunately Don Julian drowned in 2001. Some say that his body was found in the same spot that he found the young girl almost 50 years ago. There are some people that believed that Don Julian was mentally not all together there and think that the experienced of him finding the young girl did not happen at all. Even his family that he left behind did not believe his story.

I have never visited this location but I would imagine just getting there would be an experience. Walking through an entire island with decades worth of dolls hanging from every surface would be unsettling during any time frame of the day.

Would you want to take a trip to Doll Island? Comment yes or no below!

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Source: Discovery.com and Wikipedia

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