Some great IG Accounts!

I just wanted to take a break from my regular blog posts and talk about some amazing IG accounts and businesses:

@queenbeegee77 has a great Instagram account! Her IG really shows off her personality and interests of legos, Danny Devito and cartoons!

@saturday_morningcartoons . If you are a fan of cartoons, any kind of children shows or anything retro in terms of Tv shows. Then this is the account to follow on Instagram!

@greenwichletterpress has an amazing amount of cards, and stationery. I found out about this amazing store in New York City during the summer and I needed to buy a birthday card. But I didn’t want to buy the same generic versions of the birthday card that I had in the past. So I am glad I found them because I been able to send out some unique and fun cards! The link to their website is below: has the most colorful cartoons posts and the most vivid wears! I am a huge fan of there stuff and they are so fun to follow on Instagram. They always post my favorite cartoon characters and I enjoy how they interpret the cartoons on their apparel. Link to their website is here:

@gifthorsenashville is a place that I currently found out about. They have great quirky stuff. Along with cards they sell candles, books, bags and I was even able to buy some GOLDEN GIRLS EARRINGS!!! Link to their site is below:

Look out for a part 2 of this blog in the near future!

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