Movie of the day: Meet the Feebles

Over the decade ago I watched the movie Bad Taste directed by Peter Jackson:

I enjoyed the movie so much that I wanted to watch more movies by Peter Jackson but did not want to go the Lord of the Rings route. So I looked his other movies and came across a movie he made in 1989. Meet the Feebles:

So I looked up the images from the movie and saw this one. I thought to myself “this movie looks so cute and it looks like it has puppets in it! I adore puppets!” So I rented the movie through Netflix and watched it during the weekend. I expected to watch a lighthearted comedy with some cute puppets. I WAS SO WRONG:

Meet the Feebles (aka Frogs of War) is a black comedy with the main cast consisting mainly of puppets.

The plot centers around the dark side of show business. Every character in this film has a very dark cloud over them. Here are some examples of the characters in this movie. Bletch the Walrus is a womanizer and constantly cheats on his wife:

He is owner and in charge of the acting group The Feebles. He is cold hearted, rude and two faced character in the movie:

Heidi the Hippo:

She is the main actress in the group called The Fabulous Feebles. She started out as a jazz singer in a club when she met and fell in love with Bletch the Warlus. However her stardom rose with her husband’s help and made a show for her which is the one she is currently in. However Heidi’s insecurities got the best of her and caused her become vain and only care about herself and her fame.

Robert the Hedgehog:

New to the scene and is the more approachable character in this movie. He has little flaws compared to everyone else in the cast but he is kind of push over. His accuses his lady Lucille of cheating on him and never wants to see her again. But eventually gives in and they end up living happily ever after by getting married and having children.


Lucille is is white poodle with blue doe eyes. She is one of the ladies in the chorus line and Robert’s main love interest. She is very shy but has a vice for drinking a lot of wine. Even though she wants to be famous like everyone else there she eventually gives up that dreams for marriage and children.

Dr. Quack:

Dr. Quack is a minor character in the movie. He visits the theater on a called that Harry was sick and gave him bad news that he had a terminal illness.

These are just the surface of the some of the characters in this very interesting movie.

Fun fact about this movie: Peter Jackson makes an appearance as a person in the audience. He is actually in costume from a previous movie he did Bad Taste.

You can watch the movie on Tubi. The link is below to watch:

Meet the Feebles

Until next time!

Source:, meet the and Wikipedia

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