Not so well Known Simpsons Characters: Treehouse of Horror Edition!

Hello everyone! I decided to make more of a theme for this part of this section. With Halloween coming up next month I decided to talk about five lesser known characters from the Treehouse of Horror episodes!

Jonathan “John” Nerdelbaum Frink Sr (appeared on Treehouse of Horror XIV) he is the dad of Professor Frink. However their relationship wasn’t a real father-son bond. John was known as Bonaire scientist (more of the lines of Indian Jones) and his sone was more known as a Nutty Professor (Jerry Lewis) kind of scientist. However the senior Frink did not live to see his son achieve the highest honor (Nobel piece prize) because he got bitten by a shark while testing out a new invention he created. A suntan lotion made with blood

The younger Frink was so distraught that his dad wasn’t there to see him get his prize he decided to dig up his dad’s grave and bring him back to life.

Unfortunately when the young Frink did that there was a side effect. Since his dad had a side of his body missing because of the shark bite he took it upon himself to get the missing parts from other people. And he became a Frankenstein kind of creature.

He ended up taking body parts from the following people: Snake, Comic Book Guy, Mr. Burns, Sideshow Mel, Krusty the Clown, Ned Flanders, Patty, Nelson Muntz, Kearney and Principal Skinner.

Leprechaun- (appearances on Treehouse of Horrors- XII, XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII) this character wasn’t only on the treehouse of horror episodes. He is also known as Ralph’s imaginary friend who tells him to burn things:

He is also on the local bowling team “Are they Reals.”

He also got married on one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes. Fun fact

Lard Lad and Lard Lad Donuts ( first appeared on Treehouse of Horrors VI)- Personally this is one of my favorite episodes in the treehouse of horror shows.

This shop is in the section of Springfield known as “Fast-Food Bouleward.” And it is a popular hangout place of the Springfield police force. Lard Lad Donuts did run into hard times. At one point it was shut down due to a rat infestation. Also the Lard Lad statue came alive when Homer stole his donut and tried to get it back.

Fun Fact about this character: The name of the mascot and shop is a tongue-in-cheek version of Bob’s Big Boy and Randy’s donuts and Bakery.

Bad Dream House:

Appearance: Treehouse of Horror. Homer decides to move out of their home and into this less expensive mansion. However this mansion is extremely picky about who lives inside their walls.

Homer is not even phase with the vortex in the kitchen or the eerily feeling Marge and Lisa have being inside the house. During their first night in the house every member of the family except for Marge turned again each other:

However when the family tries to talk to the house (Yes the house talks!) about living in peace with each other. The house decides that is it not worth the effort and literally destroys itself:

Fun fact about this character: The inspiration behind this episode was from the Amityville Horror:


Appeared on Treehouse of Horror IV: So this character actually scared me when I was little that I could not go to sleep the night that I watched the episode. I was also paranoid enough for the next month to check the sides of school bus to make sure that it wasn’t on the bus.

The Gremlin’s main purpose was to cause terror and destruction to the townspeople of Springfield. Especially towards the kids of Springfield Elementary. To my knowledge he only appeared on that one episode. But it was scary enough to last an impression on me to include this character on the list:

Fun Fact about this character. It was inspired by a character from the Twilight Zone TV series.

Until Next time!!!

Source: Simpsons Wiki

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