The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

There was a lot of Holiday theme specials in the 1970’s that involved a lot of song and dance, a lot of musical and random guest stars, and a lot to tongue and cheek jokes. One of my favorite specials was the one that Paul Lynde made called:

This special premiered on October 29, 1976 on ABC:

And it had an array of guest stars such as Betty White, Margaret Hamilton, Billie Haynes, Tim Conway, Billy Barty, Roz Kelly, Florence Henderson, Donny and Marie Osmond and the band Kiss. It only aired once but you can still find the special on various streaming platforms.

I found out about the special a couple of years ago when I first starting watching Night Flight. I saw a post on their Instagram account ( @nightflightofficial ) about it. I was intrigued because any picture or discussion about a 1970’s tv Halloween special is totally up my alley!

Plus when I was reading the description about the special it had a lot of my forever icons in it. Such as Betty White, Kiss and Margaret Hamilton.

Betty White as Ms. Halloween

So I gave the special a chance and watched it. It has slowly become a yearly tradition for me.

The central characters are Paul Lynde as himself, Billie Haynes as Witchiepoo and Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Margaret Hamilton plays Paul’s housekeeper and takes him to her sister’s house (who is played by Billie Haynes) to get alway from kids who were bothering (by tying him up and singing and dancing around him.

However Paul sees that both sisters turn into witches, and they want Paul to become their Public Relations man in order to spread the word that all witches are not bad:

In exchange for his PR they grant him three wishes and he cashes all of them. Paul has very random requests the first is his wish to become a trucker:

Paul returns back to the sister’s house and complaining to them that since they are witches that they need to live a more interesting life. So they decide what could be more interesting than having the band KISS play at their house:

His second wish is wanting to go to the Sahara Desert so he can be seduce by a snow queen named Lady Cecily Westinghouse (played by Florence Henderson)

Wanting to share the enormous satisfaction of his wealth from his last two wishes Paul decides that he is so grateful he gives his last wish to the two witches:

And what do witches want more than anything in life? They want a disco in their house:

All and all this special is so quirky and fun that it is definitely worth a watch!

Fun Fact about this special: This is KISS’s first prime time TV appearance.

If you are interested in watching this. It is available to watch on YouTube and Amazon Prime. Has anyone else watched this? If so comment below your thoughts on it.

Until Next time!

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