Great Thanksgiving movies to watch!

I usually get in a certain movie and cartoon watching mood when a holiday approaches. So I thought to share fives movies are about the Thanksgiving holiday or at least have an event for Thanksgiving:

  1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) directed by Bill Melendez and Phil Roman

I remember the first time I watched this movie I was ten years old. But I was secretly amazed by Snoopy’s incredible cooking skills.

Fun fact about this cartoon. Charlie Brown’s nickname Chuck is used in this movie at least 30 times.

Garfield’s Thanksgiving (1989) directed by Phil Roman, Gerard Baldwin, Bob Nesler and John Sparey:

I grew up watching Garfield so I owe a lot of my sarcasm to watching this cartoon. I always make time to watch this and his Christmas cartoon. You can watch this cartoon in the youtube video above.

Son- In-law (1993)- directed by Steve Rash:

Starring Pauly Shore, Lane Smith and Carla Gugino. So I know this is not a 100% a thanksgiving movie but it does have a scene that centers on that holiday.

This was my go to movie to watch during elementary school so of course I had to find a way for this movie to be part of this list!

Fun fact about this movie: The first draft of this script said that the setting of this movie was going to be in North Dakota.

Available to watch: on Itunes:

Dutch (1991) directed by Peter Faiman and starring Ed O’Neill, Ethan Embry and Jo Beth Williams.

I have to admit I didn’t know about this movie until 4 years ago. I am a fan of John Hughes movies that he either directed and wrote. And I was looking at this IMDb page and came across this movie to only realize that I never seen it. Luckily it was on Netflix so I was able to watch it. I enjoyed the movie so much that I watched it the next day after I saw it.

Fun Fact about this movie: The first choice to play Dutch was actor John Candy.

Blood Rage (1987) directed by John Grissmer. Starring Louise Lasser and Mark Soper.

I do not know many Thanksgiving horror movies. But I do know about the movie Blood Rage (aka: Slasher). This movie became a yearly tradition for me to watch this month because it combine two of my favorite themes. Horror and food.

Fun Fact about this movie: A lot of the characters in the movie are wearing Nike products however the movie is not sponsored by that company.

You can watch this movie on Tubi:

What movies do you watching during this month? Comment below!

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Great Thanksgiving movies to watch!

  1. 1988 Accidental Tourist (Geena Davis, William Hurt, David Ogden Steirs), 1995 Home for the Holidays
    (Directed by Jodie Foster, with Holly Hunter, Anne Bancroft, Robert Downey Jr), and 2003 Pieces of April (Katie Holmes, Sean Hayes, Patricia Clarkson). These all showcase some wonderfully dysfunctional families! Perfect for Thanksgiving.

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