Holiday Gift Giving Guide part 2!!

Hello and welcome to part 2 of the @Lady.cult . Here are the instructions if you like to part of future parts of this section:

1. Email me:

2. Write two-three sentences about the store, and all the contact info about it.

3. Mention one item only, also include a picture of the item and the link for item.

4. Mention any kind of promotions that the store is having for the rest of the year if any.

5. Mention any shipping deadlines and/or any important details about the store.

That’s it! I will be accepting submissions for this section until December 14, 2020.

Now onto the gift giving guide part 2!:

-“We brought Da Motherfuckin Ruckus Card from

I always enjoyed a side of humor to my holiday season. So when I came across this card from I knew it was something worth adding to this guide. Their website has tons of unique and cute gifts for the special someone that you are not quite sure to get. Or like me for yourself because who is more unique than you?

Link to buy the card is here:

The Ripped Bodice subscription book box: Read, Romance, Repeat:

The Ripped Bodice is a romance bookstore that is own by two amazing sisters Leah and Bea Koch on the West coast. The store has a wide and different variety of romance fiction books. They also a huge variety of gifts that are made by female owned businesses. Even if you are not local I recommend the “Read, Romance, Repeat” subscription box that you can get delivered to your book every month. This box offers different frequencies of subscriptions, You also have the option of gifting the box, gift certificates and/or contacting them for recommendations on what to buy. Personally as an avid reader this spiked my interest and I signed up for the subscription box. I am so excited to see what they pick out for me!! The link for the “Read, Romance, Repeat” subscription box is here:

They will be having a special promo code from November 27-30, 2020: SMALLBUTMIGHTY . They also recommend when ordering from their store to order as early as possible to avoid any shipping headaches!

The website is here:

Their following contact information is here:


Instagram: @therippedbodice


Dolly Sweatshirt by Billy Lilly Universe:

Billy Lilly Universe does some super creative art! I did an interview with him last year ( the interview is here). So when I saw this homage Dolly sweatshirt I thought to include it on this guide. Because what is more fashionable then having one of your forever icons on your clothes?

Link to buy is here:

So that is part 2! Once again if you like to take part of future blog post for this section please refer back to the top portion of this blog post.

Happy Shopping!!

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