Great Small Businesses: @thatssewsimpsons!

This week I interviewed @thatssewsimpsons:

  1. What made you want to include simpsons clothing as part of your line?

“I’ve always wanted some lovely Simpsons clothing and when Vans came out with their Simpsons collab I was SO excited (I own around 50 pairs of Vans… I wish I was joking!) but when the clothes were released and I saw the range I wasn’t overly impressed with the designs. So I took it upon myself to make myself some items that I’d love and wear. I’m vegan and very conscious of my carbon footprint as well as recycling and reusing as much as I can; I was browsing online for Simpsons items (as you do) and came across the coolest retro bedsheet. As they were made in the 90s they’re mainly made of polyester which takes hundreds of years to decompose so I thought.. win win I can save something being in a landfill for years to come and reuse it to make something I love! I then found someone on Gumtree local to me selling a whole bunch of bedding and some certains so I bought those and half of it was some amazing Simpsons items which I’ve made into bags, dresses and someone asked if I could make some pocket t-shirts so I added those too!”

2. Can you talk about this part of your business in terms of production?

“When I made my first batch I made the pattern for the dresses myself so it was hard to make other sizes that weren’t my size as we’re currently in lockdown in the UK so I couldn’t get any of my friends over to make sure the sizes were correct. I spoke to a few people via Instagram who kindly gave me their measurements for larger sizes so I’ve been able to make those since! I also decided that as everyone is a different body shape to include a lot of the dresses with tie up adjustable straps to fit even more body types.I make an elasticated top dress so it’s able to fit more than one size; the most frustrating thing about fast fashion is that every shop size is different to the next. I can be 3 different sizes down the high street, so I wanted to make these so you knew exactly which size it would be true to size with everyone’s measurements and their average clothes sizes worked out. It takes me around 3 hours to make one of these dresses, which really made me think about how many new clothing items I buy and for how cheap they’re selling them. Places such as Primark sell a dress like this for ~ £10 so it really made me think how much do the workers who made that dress get paid? I’m not sure if I could take custom orders as I’m always so limited to how much of a specific fabric I have, if I got my hands on a few sheets or curtains of the same print then I might be able to take on custom orders, but until then I have to measure each bit of fabric and see which size I can make out of it :)”

3. What was the first piece you made for this line?

“The first piece I made was the Scary Faces Dress, it was the first fabric I found and fell in love with it and made the pattern myself and took me around 6 hours to do everything first time! A lot of trial and error went into it but I’m really proud of how it came out in the end. Making the top half elasticated was important for sizing and to ensure it fitted anyone that clothing size no matter their bust size. “

4. If you had to pick three Simpsons characters to wear your line? Which ones would you pick and why?

1.”Alex Whitney (the character that Lisa Kudrow guest voiced) If Alex wore this then everyone else would want to know what it was and where it was from – she’s also way cooler than me. “

2. “Sherri & Terri. I’d love to be able to give each of them the same style dress but in different patterns to give them each their own personality. I’m an identical twin myself and I know how important it is to be an individual not just ‘Sherri & Terri.”

3.  “Jessica Lovejoy. Because she’s a badass bitch”

5. Do you have any exciting news that you would like to share?

“Every time I get to the next 1000 followers until 10,000 I’ll be doing a giveaway! So when I hit 8k, 9k and the big 10k! I can’t believe the growth I’ve had this year and I’m so blessed that people want to look at my work.”

If you like to learn more about the artist. The following contact information is below:


Instagram: @thatssewsimpsons


“I’ll be shipping orders out until Christmas Eve, then I will be giving myself some much needed time off but shipping deadlines are:

Christmas shipping: International Standard: 1st December

International TRACKED: 7th December

UK Standard 20th December

UK TRACKED 22nd December”

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