a random update:

Hello everyone! Now that the holiday season is over I will be updating the blog soon. But I just like to write my yearly random updates. I have made a new list of interesting topics to write about so keep an eye out for that. I am planning to do another giveaway as soon as my @lady.cult feed hits 61K followers.

Personally I have not put away my Christmas decorations because it took me longer than last year to put everything up. Also at this rate putting a deadline on anything does not really matter to me at the moment:

The blog posts will be spread out more than usual this year. I am taking some classes for the next two months and I am not in the mood to over work myself. I love to write and I don’t want my writing to feel like a chore. Rather it should be viewed as an enjoyment and exciting. I will post more interviews to highlight other amazing people because I am all about learning about others!

Just wanted to check in with everyone! How is everyone doing so far?

Until next time!!


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