“1,2,3,4,5,6”-Pinball Countdown!

One of my favorite channels to watch when I was little (and even today as an grown up) was:

I would watch everything on that channel! Like Julia Child’s cooking show:

To British comedies even though I didn’t understand the some of the tongue and cheek jokes:

One show I was particular fond of was Sesame Street:

One of my favorite segments they would play on that show was “The Pinball Number Count”:

I did not realize until I was much older that the songs were sung by the Pointer Sisters:

The Pinball Number Count made it’s first appearance on the show in 1977. It is a 11 60 second segments that have the same beginning and ending. The number one did not have it’s own segment even though the words in the song they are singing numbers ranging from 1 to 12. The pinballs always drops in the hole of the pinball game except for number 7.

The only difference between the segments is the number and that number’s theme.

Here is the breakdown of the segments:

Number 1: No segment

Number 2: ” A Day at the Carnival”: the ball weaves through an different rides you would find at an amusement park. Including going out of a huge clown’s mouth:

Number 3: Circus Capers: The pinball goes around a bunch of circus oriented items. Such as a bunch of clowns, a ape who juggles and a pink elephant:

Number 4: “Fore!”: The pinball goes through a mini golf theme area.

Number 5: “The Only Way to Travel”: The pinball goes through various modes of transportation. Like a bicycle, an airplane and a tugboat.

Number 6: “Down on the Farm”: The pinball goes to the farm and maneuvers it’s way through a barn, and gets kick by donkey.

Number 7: “Sightseeing A: World Tour”- the pinball takes a journey to the world’s most famous landmarks. Such as the Sphinx, the pyramids, and Taj Mahal:

Number 8: “Forest Follies”: The pinball goes through the woods and meets a bear on a unicycle, a kangaroo and a racoon.

Number 9: “Play Ball!”: The pinball goes to a baseball game and meets some baseball players, runs over a person selling hot dogs and gets drop into the hole by a sports loving dog.

Number 10: “Medieval Times”- the pinball goes back in time to a where knights and jesters are a norm.

Number 11: “Wild Things in the Jungle.” The pinball goes to the jungle see an elephant, a lion and a big gorilla the throws the pinball into it’s hole:

Number 12: “Sightseeing B: USA”: On the pinball finally journey. It takes a trip to the USA and pasts through important landmarks. Such as Mount Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge.

For some reason I was a fan of number 6,8 and 12. But it didn’t mean I didn’t like the other segments as much but I remember those were the most shown when I was watching Sesame Street at the time. I remember this was a good way for my to learn my numbers because of the catchy tune that went with it. I still hum it time to time randomly. What number segment was your favorite out of the 12?

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