Telly Monster

Telly Monster is that muppet on Sesame Street that most likely could be your best friend. He is the most relatable among the Sesame Street gang and he was even able to break bread with Oscar the Grouch.

Telly is such a great friend to Oscar that he is part of the Oscar the Grouch Fan club: The Grouchketeers!

Telly first TV appearance on Sesame Street in 1979 (season 10).

He was a much different monster back then. He was known as the “Television Monster”

The first people that interact with him on the show is David and Mr. Hooper. Telly comes running into Hooper’s Store demanding to plug in a cord for his TV. David comes in shortly and Mr. Hooper described the weird interaction he just had with a “weird guy.” David convinces Mr. Hooper for them to both go out of the store and find Telly only to find him “glued” to his TV Set. Telly looks a bit different than what he currently looks like:

He had two antennas coming out of his head, he had a cord coming out of his left side of his face and his eyes were in a swirly pattern. The original premise of Telly Monster was cautioning children of watching too much television. There was even talk of just making him a one-eyed monster but it was later changed because they felt that maybe the opposite effect was happening and it was actually encouraging children to watch a lot of television. So in the next season they shorted his name from “Televisions Monster” to just Telly Monster, Got rid of the swirls in his eyes, the cord and the antennas coming out of his head. And now he is the lovable, a bit paranoid, amazing friend monster you see on Sesame street today.

Some facts about Telly Monster:

Members of Telly’s family have made appearances on the show including Telly’s Mom, and Mona the Monster. I believe he is one of the few Sesame Street monsters that has his extended family on the show.

He plays the tuba, and he loves the Triangles. And his other best friend is Baby Bear and he is a constant worrier about things.

He had a show called “Ask Oscar”:

Telly is such a sweet monster and I would not mind him being part of my inner circles of friends. I believe he would mostly likely being a triangle or three every time we would hang out.

Until Next time!

source: Muppet wiki and youtube

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