Movie of the Day: The Last Unicorn (1982)

The Last Unicorn (1982) directed by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr. The voices were supplied by Mia Farrow was the Unicorn and Amalthea:

Angela Lansbury as Mommy Fortuna:

Alan Arkin as Schmendrick:

Jeff Bridges as Prince Lir:

And Christopher Lee as King Haggard:

I am going to be honest. The first time I watched this movie was two weeks ago. I don’t really watched what is considered children classic movies when I was a child so I am catching up now as an adult. This movie was made by the Bass and Rankin Team. They also made such memorable movies as:

The Secret and NIMH:

And my personal favorite: The Hobbit (1977):

I am not sure why I waited so long to watch “The Last Unicorn” but I am glad I was finally able to watch it.

It is about a unicorn who realizes that she might be the last one of her kind and she sets off on a mission to see what happen to the other unicorns. On the way she meets some new friends who want to help with her cause. One of her friends named Schmendrick who tries to protect from her from a bull who is the one taking the unicorns. Accidentally transforms her into a human being and the journey becomes a little worrisome. Because when she is turned into a human she begins to forget her mission. However she slowly regains her memory about her mission and it is exciting to watch!

I thought this movie is so beautiful with bright colors and it is about unicorns! I mean come on I am such a fan of unicorns!

Some fun facts about this movie:

It was originally a book by Peter S. Beagle (1968).

Peter S. Beagle also didn’t received any money for the VHS or DVD sales of the movie.

Sir Christopher Lee also did the dubbing in German for the German release of the movie.

The soundtrack of this movie was number 1 in Germany in 1983.

The team that made this movie was considering Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil and Dustin Hoffman for the voice of Schmendrick.

They also wanted James Earl Jones, John Veron and John Carradine for the voice of King Haggard.

Kurt Russell was consider for the voice of Prince Lir.

Janet Leigh was consider for the voice of the unicorn.

This was the first time that Angela Lansbury did a voice over for a cartoon.

When was the first time you watched this movie? What were your thoughts on it?

Comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Movie of the Day: The Last Unicorn (1982)

  1. Late 70’s early 80’s Bass and Rankin films were on steady rotation between my siblings and I, and Mad Monster Party? too! I still love the idea that a unicorn protects the forest dwellers.

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  2. I watched this movie for the first time in 1985 when I was a young child. I’ve always enjoyed it. Watched it as a teenager, introducing it to friends and have watched it as an adult as well. About 3 years ago, I read the book, quick, wonderful read. It was delightful and enhanced my memory of the movie.

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