Move over Burger King: Other Burger King Characters

Recently I just thought that Burger King only had one mascot. However I was so wrong. There was a time when there was a whole bunch of characters that resided in the Burger Kingdom in 1976 until the mid 1980’s. The cast included:

The Duke of Doubt:

Even though the Duke of Doubt was part of the Burger King Kingdom. He was not a fan of the Burger King. He always doubted the King’s magical power of making Burger King food appear out of thin air. He was the most visible character in the commercials along with the Burger King.

Sir Shake-a-lot:

He was a close friend of the King but his better friend was the shakes that were made at Burger King. He main characteristic was his shaking because he was so empathetic to the cold temperature of the shakes. That is also why he wore warmer kind of clothes and always accessorize with a Burger King cup as a hat.

The Burger Thing:

This character was basically a talking whopper burger in a painting He was more of a minor character in the kingdom because he would be the character in the group that would talk the least.

The Wizard of Fries:

A talking robot who face was a carton of french fries and had an interesting power of making many fries from just one.

The characters in the Burger King kingdom did not have a long run. By 1989 they were replaced by the BK Kids Club Gang:

Do you remember these characters? I don’t but it was interesting to find out how similar their campaigns were to McDonald’s.

Until next time!

Source: Wikipedia, youtube

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