Muppet of the Moment: Rowlf !

Rowlf is one of my favorite muppets so I decided to share some facts about this cute dog!

He is half corgi and the other half is not known. He was created and performed by Jim Henson. Henson designed three different concepts of dogs and settled one concept as Rowlf. And an other concept became Baskerville the Hound. He is the muppet that is most like Jim Henson’s personality.

He first appeared on the scene in a bunch of Canadian Purina Dog Chow commercials in 1962:

His sidekick in those commercials was a dog named Baskerville the Hound:

These commercials were so popular that Henson was contacted by other companies for more of the muppets to be in commercials for the American Photocopy Equipment Company and Esskay Meats:

He was also cast as a regular cast member of the Jimmy Dean Show (CBS 1963-1966). Which was a variety series with host country singer Jimmy Dean. Jimmy Dean mentioned that the parts of the show that had Rowlf in it were the most popular parts of the show. Out of the 86 episodes of the show he did not appear in one of them. Rowlf even got up towards a thousand fan letters a week.

Rowlf made numerous appearances on different shows after his run with the Jimmy Dean show. Here he is with Jimmy Dean on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1967:

In 1968 Rowlf was one of the few selected muppets to be part of “pitch reel” for Sesame Street:

Rowlf loves playing the piano and showed off his passion of music on the Muppet Show:

He also played one of my favorite characters Dr. Bob on the medical comedy pet drama called “Veterinarian Hospital.” A constant skit that was on the Muppet Show.

His favorite music is classical music and you can always find him near or at the piano. He is known for his serious and funny one liners.

I remember really being into the Muppet Babies cartoon show and always thought that baby Rowlf was the cutest! Rowlf will always have a special place in my heart as do all of the muppets. I admire him for this great serious but funny humor and he seems like a friend for life!

Until next time!!

Source: Wikipedia, and Muppet wiki

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