Clarissa’s Corner: How I learned to Read.

It was a struggle for me to learn how to read. When I was in kindergarten and going to a Catholic school, the nuns had a such a struggle in trying to teach me to read. Reflecting back as to why it took me so long was two things: I was scare of the nuns and there was simply nothing interesting in my classroom to read. It wasn’t until one non scary nun who was head of the after school program told me about a bunch of books she kept in her desk. She told me that she kept these in her desk because these books were not really appropriate to read here. However since I was the only person in my grade who was not reading at the point she thought that anything is worth a try. She then proceeds to take out this book from her desk drawer:

In a Dark, Dark, Room and Other Scary Stories by Alvin Schwartz. She told me that she would only let me read that book if I can read it out loud to her and let her help me to read it if I needed and want the help. So an agreement was made between her and I that I would stay after school and learn to read that book. The first story that I remember reading from that book was this one and it reminds one of my favorite short stories to this day:

This story sparked my interest in everything scary and weird. It also spark a passion and interested in reading that I still have till this day. I only went to that school for one year and I do not know what happen to that nun. To be honest I am not even sure if that school is still running today but I will never forget that one persistent nun who taught me how to read. And for that I owe her a huge thank you.

What is your earliest memory of learning how to read? Comment below!

One thought on “Clarissa’s Corner: How I learned to Read.

  1. I remember that book and the green ribbon story so vividly, I think mine was a different edition but it was the same drawings. It’s great that nun took the extra initiative to help, I love that she kept the books in a private drawer, it is a gruesome story but no more than most Grimm tales! I can’t remember specifically what triggered me in my reading, having a family bookstore and a dad that was always reading to us it sort of felt like I read from birth despite being very developmentally behind in most other respects… though I do remember pouring over my dad’s 70’s era Elf Quest graphic novels 1-4 before I could read and figuring out the story until I could actually read it! I also remember dad reading us Ted Hughes Iron Man and I’d request that one a lot.


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