Artist’s Spotlight: @celebriteeths

This week artist’s spotlight is on @celebriteeths

  1. How did you decide to focus your art on teeth?

“I was at a friends’ yard sale, and they were selling a box of dentist teeth samples. I kept walking over to those teeth all day and thinking “Who in the hell would buy these things?” After a bottle of wine, I finally said to myself “Jesus Ashley YOU need to buy those teeth!” It kind of just took off from there. I should note: I hate my teeth. Like, to an obsessive level I hate my teeth. And we all have those teeth dreams. People really respond to these fake teeth – negatively as well as positively. I do paint other things as well, just so it doesn’t become too much of a gimmick. But, if it makes sense, I stick those teeth there. For example, of course Gwyneth needed to have one lone tooth.”

2. Can you talk about your shop?

“Oh, the hard part – actually selling your art! I have originals and prints for sale; with prints being available on Saatchi. Honestly, originals are cheaper to just order through me directly. I also have some greeting cards of Marcia available – I am also open for commissions! Anyone can DM me!

3. Who has been your most requested celebrity art piece and why do you think it’s so popular?

” I think people respond to the Marcia Brady pieces. I really have tried to capture her going through the changes and rituals girls go through from puberty to teenage years. My focus on her was: Look, here is this perfect girl we all watched grow up – but was she perfect? She was often whining about something; she dealt with her braces, her nose, her ego. But, she was also a little bad ass feminist! And, Maureen McCormick certainly didn’t have an easy road after The Brady Bunch. I like to explore that juxtaposition between perfect images and the reality.”

4. What was the first art piece you created?

“I was reading The Artist’s Way and one of the assignments was to go to the 99 Cent Store and just buy random things. I bought some gold stickers, not really thinking anything of them. Later, I was entranced by the image of tween Marcia Brady in her braces bitching about something and knew I had to paint it. I didn’t feel like the teeth were finished (note: everyone hates painting or drawing teeth). I looked down and saw the gold teeth and said ‘There are my braces!” So, those gold stickers were my first official teeth painting. After I got the fake teeth, I turned to Marcia again – she had some teeth issues; she hated her braces, and she was in love with her dentist. I knew I wanted to paint her mouth agape, dreaming of being Mrs. Marcia Dentist.”

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“I am beyond excited that Paul Scheer reposts my videos of his paintings, and he seems to dig his. My hope is to get more celebs on board so I can make a living off of my artwork and move to a beach house/farm with 100 dogs and cats. JK. Kind of.”

If you would like more information about Ashley and her art. The following contact information is below:

Instagram: @celebriteeths



Thank you Ashley for the interview!!

Until next time!

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