Artist’s spotlight: @rosiephillipsarts

This week’s artist spotlight is on @rosiephillipsarts

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“Hello! My name is Rosie and I’m a 20 year old artist based in Norfolk, UK. I specialize in oil painting and realism – specifically portraiture. I’ve always been drawing and creating, but it wasn’t until I completed my A-levels in 2019 that I began practicing art professionally, taking on commissioned work and exhibiting locally. I’m still exploring my style, but for the most part I’ve been engaging with my love of realism, finding ways to take such an oversaturated genre of art and introduce something new to it.”

2. What was the first painting you remember creating?

” My memory is ROUGH these days – but i like to think my first actual painting was a profound, career-defining masterpiece. The first painting I remember creating was in 2013 and quite the opposite; a wonky pop-art portrait of Rihanna made with poster paint and permanent marker that my then – puppy ended up cocking his leg on. A harsh critic, but looking back I get why he did it.

The first ‘proper’ painting that I created was the portrait of my Uncle cutting my Grampy’s hair. I wanted to capture his bold character in this moment, highlighting all the wonderful amusing little quirks that make each family unique. My favorite thing about this one is the narrative – I’ve had so many dramatically different comments on it. Some people recognize their family, or someone famous (had some VERY questionable names pop up here), or they think he’s a boxer in a ring maybe. I think its fun to get people thinking and re-remembering certain moments from their own lives; some stories I would have never otherwise heard if it wasn’t for my paintings.”

3.  What are some central figures or themes in your art and why are they a recurring theme?

“I’ve definitely had a focus on people and animals in my recent pieces – partly as a result of commissioned work for sure. I find people so interesting – I’m drawn to body language and inward states in particular. Most of my subjects have been people that I’m close to and I think this has helped me to communicate expressions and personal relationships that feel universal; just as familiar to a passing stranger as they are to me.

My self portrait was inspired by the ways I have found myself addressing my identity; as something I am yet to ‘grow into’ and less of an understanding of my current values and interests. The theme came from my glitchy family TV and alludes to the stagnant feeling most of us have probably experienced a lot in the past year. “

Trying to predict the future all the time can be exhausting; in my paintings i aim to ‘interrupt’ seemingly insignificant moments and observe the present.”

4. How does the process of commissions work?

“I’m very much still learning as I go – to anyone thinking about offering commissions, I would recommend you log absolutely everything! Time, materials, the lot. Starting out has been full of trial and error, but I’m really grateful for this. With each portrait I’ve found ways to improve, become more efficient, and learn more about myself and how I work. I actually used to have a massive issue with finishing pieces as I would constantly pick them apart for ‘flaws’, so just getting my work out there has helped me go from strength to strength. Now that I record my process for YouTube, I’m able to better judge how long a painting will take me. For example, an A4 piece is likely to take between 20 – 40 hours depending on the level of detail and background in it; I’m quite the perfectionist and attention to detail is really important to me. I tend to avoid price lists for commissioned work as each of my paintings have been so unique, but I’m more than happy to offer quotes when contacted!”

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“Yes! I’m running an exhibition for young and emerging creatives this summer where I’ll be displaying and selling my own work! Everything will be available to view online and I will be selling prints alongside originals. If anyone is interested, more information will be available closer to the time via my linked social media. I’m really looking forward to doing more of this now that things are opening up here in the UK, so stay tuned!”

If you like more information about Rosie and her art. The following contact information is below:


Instagram: @rosiephillipsart

Facebook: Rosie Phillips Art :

Twitter: @rosphillipsart :

YouTube: Rosie Phillips Art :

TikTok: @rosiephillipsart :


 Linktree, which has everything listed above:

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