Great Small Businesses: @cheyedewolf !

This week’s great small businesses interview is on @cheyedewolf !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.
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“My name is Cheyenne DeWolf, and I am a Detroit & Los Angeles based multimedia artist known for my animatics, photography, and graphics/illustrations. I just finished my bachelor’s in Television, Film, and Media Studies at California State University, Los Angeles and it has helped me be able to become the “one woman show” that folks on the internet also know me as. I specialize in all different areas of art like animation, film/video-making, photography, graphic design, illustrations, music producing, and recently crafting jewelry. I often focus on different areas at once because I get bored easily, but also stimulated easily so jumping around from different arts helps me feel more alive! I also tend to do a lot of things by myself as I was the youngest kid and only girl in the family – which means you usually have to kind of grow up by yourself and figure things out on your own.”

2. How did you come up with your designs for your earrings? 

“I honestly come up with my ideas by whatever type of media I am consuming – sometimes it is film, TV, music, or object/food related. I am very obsessive with anything and try to think of ways to express that I enjoy certain things by making earrings (since it is a lot less labor intensive than sewing clothing and what not). For example, I really enjoy Chobani Vanilla Oat Milk (it is the best one on the planet), so I felt like making a pair of them would be fun and exciting to do and then I can feel proud that I made them because I enjoy the product and had fun making it myself. I guess you can say I fall into the “weird earring lesbian” stereotype lol!”

3. What are the 3 most popular designs and why?

Blanche Earrings

“My three most popular designs would probably be the Blanche (Hausu cat), Moomin, and 70s Lucky Charm earrings.

70’s Lucky Charms Earrings

I think the reason why things like Blanche and Moomin are very popular is because I don’t think there is enough supply for the demand of people interested in having earrings from those kinds of shows/films. I certainly wanted a fun pair but no one else made them – therefore I decided to make them, and I am glad to see others agree. As for the 70s Lucky Charms one, I think that may be popular due to the reference of Lucky Charms, but done in a different way than just having the charms dangle down your ear (like a lot of the ones I was inspired by). 70s chunky circle earrings have recently been coming back in style as well as food earrings are always popular so by meshing the two together, I think helps the earrings be more appealing for others to check out.”

Moomin Earrings

4.  Can you talk about the concept of your youtube channel?

“My YouTube channel is just kind of a place where I post stuff I made! It is a bit all over the place at the moment, but I do enjoy making things such as animatics and montages because they help me get better at video editing (the area I focused the most in my college career). This summer I plan to upload more consistently and making content that I enjoy watching myself (like DIYs, gameplays, music videos, and even commentary). I got some great stuff planned and finally the free time to do so why not get back into the swing of things now?”

5.  Do you have any exciting news or events  coming up?

“I have lots in the works right now – a secret huge project that I cannot share much about yet as well as working on being more active on YouTube AND releasing my first ever royalty free instrumental album this summer. And who knows – it feels like every week I am working on something else new and exciting!”

If you would like more information about Cheyenne. The following contact information is below:



Instagram: @cheyedewolf

Instagram store: @craftycheye

Depop Shop:

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