Great Small Businesses: @shadowworkbotanica!

This week great small business interview is on @shadowworkbotanica !

  1. How did your business start?

“As a kid, I grew up around witchcraft or brujeria more so. My father was always consulting with brujas and my grandmother, his mom, was the inspiration behind starting this path and this business. There are actually quite a few women on my fathers side that are on the Bruja path, which I find comforting and use it as confirmation that I was born to be a witch. The idea of the business came to me in waves, having to push past my fear and self limiting beliefs that told me that I couldn’t’ possibly be a business owner. I have worked a 9-5 my whole adult life, so stepping out in this way was challenging. I began my formal studies in 2016, with Germanic white witch, which is so far from the path I am now on. She taught me a lot and I felt myself awaken to plant medicine. I then found Hood Herbalism in early 2017 and continued on the path of studying, building community, and as that grew so did this voice inside me that said I had to do this beyond just making things for friends and family. It still took some time before I would get the business to where it is today. I had a very bad breakup in which my ex, out of spite, wanted to lay claim over the previous incarnation of the business, pushing me into a dark place where I didn’t want to make medicine anymore. And so I didn’t for months. I focused on moving, building a new, safe home for myself, work, and getting through the pandemic. I fell in love, and with that, came a renewed energy for life. Spirit also gave me time and then said, let’s get back to work. I launched my botanica in January 2021, with a new logo, new products, and a renewed sense of power that this is my path, and no one is going to knock me off of it. Life has happened, and as we all work to get back to “normal,” I am trying to evolve and grow this business into something that could sustain me and get me out of the 9-5 grind. Goddexx willing, this will eventually be the case.”

2. How did you come up with your business name?

“Carl Jung. Lol. I am a big fan of his work, and the concept of shadow work is something I use in my formal work as a substance use disorder counselor, which is a fancy way of saying addictions counselor. I have worked in mental health since I was 22, so it’s a play on that and on the fact that the tools I make are just that… tools to help you on your shadow work journeys. I have been on my own personal shadow work journey for many years, and continue to be a student of life in this way. I believe it’s vital for us to confront the darker aspects of ourselves, and learn to integrate the lessons we’re here to learn, so what better name than that?”

3. What are your top 3 selling products and why do you think they are so popular?

“Pain Relief Liniment. I have to say, these are also my personal favorites. Our Daily Protection Oil is a just that. Something to incorporate into your daily life, that offers an extra layer of protection from energetic sludge you might encounter in your day. I always advise my clients to make it a daily habit, creating that bond and trust between them and the plants. I am just a middle man. The plantitas, gemstones, and oils all do all the work. Our Cleansing Spray was first formulated for my office, as there are tons of heavy energies and bad vibes, which can’t be smoke cleansed away. It smells like a delicious herbal tea with hints of grapefruit. I love the smell. It’s potent, grounding, and cleansing as is its name. And lastly, the product that started it all… Grandma Clem’s. This one is named after my Abuelita Clementina, who has now passed. She always kept a jar of this infusion in her closet, and it’s a tried and true remedy for pain relief. I use this when I’ve had a long day of typing at work, and it immediately relieves the pain and stiffness. I think these products are my top selling because they’re my favorite products, not that I don’t love the others. These are just closer to my heart, and therefore that energy is felt.”

4. With the summer season coming up: What products from your store do you recommend for that season?

“My number one recommendation for summer is our Must Be Magick! Multipurpose Salve. It’s great for pain relief, muscle tension, bug bites, sunburns, dry skin, etc.”

5. Can you discuss the process of your grief consultation process?

“I added the brief consultation option because I was getting a lot of questions that required deeper thought and discussion. I like spending time with people, getting to know where they’re at on their shadow work journeys, so I can pin point what they may need. These are intuitive as well as incorporate my formal counseling skills. I am clear on my purpose thus far, and it’s to help people, and this is just another way to do that. I want to eventually offer more formal energy work sessions incorporating other modalities that I am trained in, but for now these sessions can help someone just get a little more clarity as to the next steps on their journey.”

6. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“Nothing so new or exciting, but overall just happy that I’m in love with someone who is literally my best friend and is going to start helping me more with the business end of things. She is amazingly smart and a true partner. Her name is Celeste, and we met in 2007 on a lesbian site called Our Chart. She says I friendzoned her immediately, but can’t fight fate. Lol. It really is crazy how when you let go of things that aren’t for you, the Universe sends you what is. She’s amazing and I can go on and on if you let me.”

If you would like more information about Edith and her store. The following contact information is below:

Esty Store:

Email address:

Instagram: @shadowworkbotanica

Thank you for the interview Edith!

Until Next time!

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