A Sultry Summer: the movie version!

Hello everyone!!! With the end of summer coming around the corner I decided to talk about three movies that was on my to watch list. Most of them are older movies but I feel represent the feeling of summer.

Body Heat ( 1981) directed by Lawrence Kasdan. Starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner:

Set in Florida during the hottest months of the year. Kathleen Turner plays a married woman name Mary Ann Simpson (aka Matty) who meets a lawyer named Ned Racine. Things become especially sultry between the two when they start an affair and began plotting to kill Matty’s husband. But things start to twist and turn when Ned realizes he signed up for something he wasn’t prepared for with Matty.

I remember I had to watch this movie for a class I took in college and never thought about it again until the Criterion Collection included in it’s neo film collection. I just re-watched it a couple of days ago and I appreciate it a lot more because it reminds me of the older neo classics.

Fun Fact about the movie: Christopher Reeve was offer the role of Ned Racine but turned it down because he believed that he couldn’t do the personality trait of a lawyer justice.

Body Double (1984) directed by Brian De Palma. Starring Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith and Gregg Henry.

This movie was on my to watch list for a good decade but for some reason I kept putting it off until this June. It stars Craig Wasson who plays Jake. He is a struggling actor who decides to house sit for an other actor’s house for a couple of weeks. He notices his neighbor across the street has a unique nightly ritual that she performs and he starts to have an infatuation that leads into chaos.

I ended up watching this movie twice because I was totally smitten with the Pino Donaggio soundtrack! One personal favorite is the song called “Telescope”

Fun Fact about the movie:

Melanie Griffith said that the role of Holly lead her to get the role of Working Girl (1988) directed by Mike Nichols:

Manhunter (1986) directed by Michael Mann. Starring Ton Noonan, William Peterson, and Joan Allen:

William Grahman is a retired FBI Profiler but comes back for last case. He has to track down a crazy serial killer named “the tooth fairy” while consulting an other serial killer that he locked up.

Fun Fact about this movie: this soundtrack was on heavy rotation on my June music playlist.

What movies are you watching during the end of the summer? Comment below!

Until next time.

Sources, Youtube and IMDB.com

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