Welcome to the Insta-hood: @msfemfatale_2.0!

This week I interview instagram account: @msfemfatale_2.0

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

” Well the name is Heather May and I’m an Artist & Writer.  I have a background in Journalism and Esthetics (Make Up/Skin Care).  I live with a chronic illness which affects my day to day and has altered my once super busy corporate life.   However through my challenges, I am able to work on my true passion, art and writing.   Plus they are pain/therapy coping mechanisms.  I have my really bad days and I’ve used my online platforms as an authentic place of safety and freedom- to just be me.   I have a blog I’m getting back into msfemfatale.com where I share musings and hopefully soon to be more written stories.  I’ve started a podcast this last year, that has allowed me to connect with some amazing individuals and form many new friendships and experiences.

I guess it makes me feel like a bad bitch gangster 🤣 (that’s my sarcasm funny) 

Things I’m into:  I love horror, pop culture, photography, helping people, aesthetically pleasing things, music, movies, animals, bohemian concepts, science, magical things, organic/holistic health, nature, science, and soul experiences- list really goes on. Things I like:  cult classics like twin peaks, and so on, retro nostalgia, anime, and flowers, crystals, baths (water is very grounding for me), sound therapies, and butterflies. I’m a dreamer, lover, and dog mom through and through. I do have my cynical moments and carry a very witty sense of humor.

 I’d say aside from my eyes, it’s one of my best traits.  I’ve had some deep trauma in my life and many trauma survivors, kind of develop a bit of a sensitive yet harder side, that allows us to be unapologetically real. “

2. What is Atomic Blonde Podcast?

” I started this podcast about a year ago.  I spent my early adult years touring with and dating several well known musicians.  I thought it would be fun to talk about those experiences, but in reality it developed into so much more than that.  
The name Atomic Blonde came from a mixture of ideas, but my best description would be a mix of Bob Marley’s Redemption song which talks about that Atomic Energy and mixing that with the flamboyant blonde personality I harbor, you get Atomic Blonde.   

My show has grown so much and not only do I share random past stories, the podcast has turned into a platform for me to be really authentic and talk about things I’m dealing with in life and the realness of others experiences.  Each week I have on a guest that I find interesting, or a friend, or a circled connection, and we talk about life, truths, music, zodiac stuff, and the list goes on. There is never a dull moment, and the pop quiz portion is so much fun!  My ultimate goal with my podcast is to help others through the sharing of experiences, and that empowers me, also in my own mental health/physical journey.    I like a variety and my show definitely packs a sizzle but a good one for the heart. Readers can listen on Spotify or Apple – just search Atomic Blonde Podcast and come on over to my party!  Everyone is welcome ❤️Sometimes I take short time breaks due to life or health things, but I always keep the atomic going!  Working on some new guest line ups as we speak. “

3. Can you talk a little about your youtube channel?

“I don’t really have an active YouTube channel I promote, but you can find some of my rap beats over there.  I’d rather promote my blog msfemfatale.com or my Instagram where I’m most active in the social media sphere @msfemfatale_

4. What is a hidden talent that you have that many people don’t know?

“Oh my goodness, I’m not quite sure… I guess sometimes, I wish I had superpowers and if I did, I’d want to fly or somehow save the world.”

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

I own a store where you can order merchandise I design, in the form of tees and bags called The Ghoulbie Shop: theghoulbieshop.com

I have been putting a collection of my poetry together for sometime, and I hope to have it published in its own book, by the end of the year. 
I am taking custom Art Commissions always and you can contact me through my social channels for that as well as my Instagram art page @hmayartz 

If you like to learn more information about Heather May the following link is below:


thank you so much for the interview!!!

Until Next time!

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