A “cute, furry, little monster”: Grover

I feel like Grover has the personality of being a ray of sunshine during a down pour of rain. He may be the most random character in Sesame Street but he definitely one of more kind and optimistic of the group.

Grover actually first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show during the holiday season of 1967 under another name: Gleep. He had a skit with Kermit the frog (youtube video above that shows this appearance). He main purpose in the skit was to take away all of the toys that were made in Santa’s workshop.

After that appearance he would randomly pop up other muppet related shows such as The Muppets on Puppets in 1970. Which appeared on a public Television station in Hershey, Pennsylvania as part of that channel’s “Adventure in the Arts series”:

In these earlier appearances Grover was a of forest green color Muppet but went to a dark blue shade and bubblegum pink nose during season 2 of Sesame Street. Also during the first season of Sesame Street he changed his name is Grover and had a voice very close to Cookie Monster’s voice. But seasons after that he had the voice we currently known him for.

Some facts about Grover:

He is best friends with Kermit the frog because the work together alot:

He sang one of my favorite Sesame Street songs Monster in the Mirror:

And ABC Disco with Grover:

He is a muppet of many trades. He likes to take jobs that service the public such as being a waiter or working at a movie theater. Although he made not being the very being at those job he does try his best in trying to make everyone happy.

Frank Oz has made various comments about the Grover’s personality was inspired by one his dogs.

He is one of the few Muppets that is a super hero. He super hero name is Super Grover. His powers are trying to help as much people as possible however sometimes he doesn’t actually end up doing that.

What is your favorite trait about this Muppet? Comment below!

Until next time!

Sources: muppet wiki, and youtube

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