B.U.R.N.T out

Hello my name is Clarissa. The month is January and we had just entered the year 2022.


In 2021…..

I had one major surgery, eight months of being unemployment, four intense months of work, and one fragile broken heart.

I took one trip to Nebraska to see the man I absolutely love. He felt like home.

Also in 2021….

I’d found a new full time job.

Met nice people.

Interviewed over 20 people for this blog.

Mailed out over 250 cards and mailed them to almost every state on the map.

Watched some great new shows. Too many to list.

Listen to many podcasts and audiobooks. Again too many to list.

Listen to The Cure on full rotation for a full 24 hours. Because since I was six I thought Robert Smith was a super hero. (I still believe he is:) )

In 2021 I also…..

posted more than 50 blogs posts.

Spent countless hours laughing, crying, fighting:

So what is left for me to do in 2022:


I am going to shift this blog a bit of a personal direction. I will write about more personal experiences. But first I need some down time. The winter months will hopefully let me slow down a bit and be able to spark my excitement for things and finally get to that big pile of books I want to read.

Self care is important. The first person you should not be at odds with is yourself. Be kind of others and also yourself.

Until next time!

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