Woman of the Moment: Rose Nylund!

Rose Nylund you are this month’s… WOMAN OF THE MOMENT!!!!

Betty White’s birthday is today!

I thought in order to celebrate the occasion. I would talk about one of my favorite TV characters ever: Rose Nylund.

Rose Nylund was born on March 12, 1930 in St. Oflaf, Minnesota. A town that she remembers fondly and loved to share with her roomates:

Little is known about her mother however her dad was part of a monastery. She spent her baby to early childhood years at an orphanage. And at the age of eight she was adopted by a dairy farmer and his wife You can tell that she loved growing up on the farm. Due to her passionate devotion towards all animals, anything dairy related, the love of outdoors and sense of helping others.

During her teenage years her claim to fame was being the valedictorian of her high school class by picking the biggest straw. Although one of her biggest regret was not being crown St. Olaf Butter Queen due to some controversy of tampering of the butter turn.

She married one of her childhood friends in 1948 named Charlie Nylund. She loved him ever since they were seven years old when he sold her an insurance policy on her red wagon she had. Not surprising at all that Charlie become an insurance salesman when he got older.

The couple had five children but you only meet two out of the five during the show. They were married for twenty two years until Charlie’s death and shortly after that Rose decided to leave her beloved St. Olaf in 1976 and to made a full move Miami, Florida.

She got a job as a grief consular and by happenstance ran into her future roommate Blanche at a supermarket.

And the rest is Golden Girl history.

The reason why Rose Nylund is one of my favorite TV characters is because regardless of how down she feels she is always there to support and help her friends. Also as random as her stories are they are a source of comfort to those who are listening to them.

I know how I am spending my day today: Watching the golden girls!

Until Next time!

Source: Golden Girls Wiki, Youtube

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