Valentine’s Day: A Recap

Hello everyone,

So I was debating for the last 12 hours to write this but it was on my mind… so I thought it was better to get it out in the open rather than repeat the thoughts in my mind.

I work in customer service I take a lot of returns, phone calls, and delegation. The place I work at had rules about return policies and I follow them. I don’t make the rules but it is my job while I am working to enforce them. Our return policy is 90 days which when you think about it is a full season…. thousand of hours, countless days turn into night etc.

It is not the customer service’s fault that the customer decided to not make the time to return something within that period. So harassing, intimating, or belittling me doesn’t serve a purpose. For verbally attacking someone who has anxiety. You put someone who is simply enforcing the rules at there job feel harassed. You had no right to do that. That small interactions speaks volumes of your small character, and lack of dignity. It serves no purpose to act like a child but perhaps people do not know how to outgrow their childish actions.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: A Recap

  1. You nailed it on the head! It is a reflection of the poor character of persons who choose to belittle and insult you for performing your job!! In 2015, three of us were sent to work at the free desks of our hospital Customer Service Department. For 2 years, we saw first-hand as the team members fielded calls and endured yelling from frazzled, confused, and upset patients / caregivers – and still had a good sense of pride for what they do. We learned to admire Customer Service workers and their skill at addressing these difficult calls! Every member of our team should spend a day in Customer Service, see what workers in this field have to endure.

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