“Picture this”….summer 2022!

The first day of summer was last week and the humidity has been fierce! Although where I lived the highest temperature has reached an average of 88-92 degrees and when you go outside the heat and humidity literally hits you in the face.

Fall is usually my favorite season because it has my birthday and Halloween during that time. However summer is quickly becoming my second favorite season.

Why is summer becoming a quick fave season of mine? Well I like the fact that I make ice cream a more standard meal in my diet:

I get happy when I hear the ringing bell of the ice cream truck . I start chasing it a block or two well last week it was almost 2.5 blocks and get my firecracker pop. Also I think we should make National Ice Cream day (July 17) a national holiday and be able to get a free scoop of ice cream at our favorite ice cream store.

I enjoy opening the windows of the house on cooler days and reading in my living room with the window open. I enjoy wearing dresses and not having to wear pants until it gets colder.

I enjoy leaving work and not being in total darkness. So I am able to enjoy the sunlight a little bit longer and embraced the sun. I like being able to put down my windows in my car and blast my summer music playlist. Currently there is a lot of Stevie Nicks on there:

Summer only lasts for a short time. So enjoy the sunshine!

What is your favorite season of the year? Comment below!

Until next time:)

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