Little Heidi sees ghosts: A Wyrick’s Family Story

In season 7 episode four ( on the youtube video this segment starts at 34 minutes). You will meet a little girl eight year old girl named Heidi Wyrick.

Heidi in the middle with her mom Lisa and her dad Andrew but sometimes goes by Andy

She lived with her family in 1989 in a small house in Ellerslie, Georgia and she has a playmate. She claims to see an older man around her house that was not her family members. When she told her mother that this older man wanted to play outside with her. Her mom then asked her to describe what the man looked like. Her mom was caught off guard with Heidi’s description: She told her mother that they man she saw wanted to play with her in the front yard but his shirt was covered in blood. Also one of his hands was coverage with bandages steeping with blood. Her mother proceed to lock all the doors and waited for the man to return. However her mother would never see the man covered in blood but Heidi saw him.

Heidi actually saw a lot of random people on the property and inside the house. Many of them told Heidi their name. One man was named Mr. Gordy and the other man was named “Con” but later it was resolved that his name was Lon “Con” Batchelor. Which caused great alarm to her parents so they decided to talk Lisa’s sister and any one wanted to listen about what was going on. Lisa’s sister happened to be their next door neighbor.

One of the names was that mentioned to Lisa’s sister struck a bell in her mind. She brought over her deed to her house and saw that the previous owner of her house was a person named James S. Gordy.

James S. Gordy died in 1974

The Wyrick’s other neighbor. A women named Catherine Kelly Ledford who had been part of this town for most of her life and knew James S. Gordy and confirmed that he did in fact had been the owner of the house Lisa’s sister lived in. Catherine described Mr. Gordy as a kind man who was part of the community and children’s. The Wyrick family put Heidi and Catherine together to talk in more detail about the random people Heidi has been seeing and Catherine confirmed both man and also Heidi’s description.

Catherine is actually related to the man Heidi saw covered in bandages and blood. It was her uncle and Catherine said that he lost his hand in a cotton gin accident.

Lon “Con” Batchelor died in 1957

Over the next couple of years that the Wyrick family lived in the house they lived with the two men ghosts. Everything seem to be fine until Lisa got pregnant with Heidi’s little sister in 1993 and than an new very evil presence start to terrorized the family. Which cause Heidi demeanor to change and she had visible scratches on her face.

The parents did not think much of Heidi’s injuries until they themselves started having the same scratches on their bodies while they were sleeping.

The family eventually moved out of the house and Heidi is now a grown up but hasn’t seen either of the two ghosts that followed her while she was living in the house. There is no reason why maybe since she wasn’t a child anymore she grew out of the six sense of seeing ghosts.

Here is a youtube video about a little more background about the haunting of the Wyrick family while they were living in the house. Via Scary Mysteries youtube channel:

Their is a also a book about Heidi and her experience. I will link it below:

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Source: Youtube. unsolved mysteries wiki, amazon

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