A true companion: The Cast Iron Dog

Hollywood Cemetery is located in Richmond, Virginia. It is a cemetery known for having some historic and/or famous people’s final resting place. However there is one statue that I am going to cover today. The Cast Iron Dog:

This statue of a dog is directly facing the grave of two year old Florence Bernadine Rees. There are many stories of why this particular statue is here either watching over or guarding Florence’s grave. Florence past away of scarlet fever around February of 1862 and her father was heartbroken over this. While she was still alive they would stroll by stores and she would always want to stop and want to go into the store they had the cast iron dog. She would want to play with it and it always brought her joy in her short life.

So when she past away her father bought the dog to be put near her grave. Because if it brought her so much joy and companionship during her short time on this earth. It should be with her in the after life. Her father actually saved this iron cast dog because shortly after Florence’s death all types of iron were being given to the Confederate Army to be repurpose into guns and other weapons for the war.

People who have heard of the story of this particular gravesite would visit and leave little trinkets for Florence as well as the dog. There had been some reports by some visitors of hearing growling, or barking at night near the grave. Some even claim that they feel like the dog’s eyes are watching them while they are paying their respects to Florence.

Do you have any interesting gravesites with unique stories? If so comment below!!!




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