A Winter reading list!

No surprise that I would also add a couple of must read books for the upcoming winder season. Also if you want to get someone a gift and have no idea on what to get them then this is a interesting direction to go towards.

All of the links in this blog today is from a great book store and fantastic small business called Atomic Books! They always have the most interesting curated selection of books to buy.

Demin and Leather: The Rise and Fall of The New Wave of British Heavy Metal by Michael Hann: so many great bands like Def Leppard, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin was part of this new wave of British heavy metal and we are so grateful for it!

Link to buy is here: https://atomicbooks.com/collections/new-books/products/denim-and-leather

Bad Sex: Truth, Pleasure, and an Unfinished Revolution by Nona Willis Aronowitz. Written by Nona Willis Aronowitz who is a sex and love columnist for Teen Vogue. Was at standstill point in her life which made her question a lot of things that revolved love, sex and marriage.

Link to buy is here: https://atomicbooks.com/collections/new-books/products/bad-sex-truth-pleasure-and-an-unfinished-revolution

Punk Paradox: A memoir by Greg Graffin. Greg Graffin from Bad Religion writing about his early days in forming the band? YES PLEASE!!!

Link to buy is here: https://atomicbooks.com/collections/new-books/products/punk-paradox-a-memoir

Death for Dinner: 50 Gorey-Good, Plant Based Drinks, meals and Munchies Inspired by your favorite Horror Films by Zach Neil. No surprise I am not much of a cook however this book alone might make me force myself in starting to make meals. It is also a good dinner table conversation saying that this meal you are eating was inspired by Carrie White.

Link to buy is here: https://atomicbooks.com/collections/new-art-gift-cookbooks/products/death-for-dinner-cookbook

All this could be Yours by Jami Attenberg: Everybody has the one family member they all gossip about. This book one just one family member but the entire family that is worth gossiping about.

Link to buy is here: https://atomicbooks.com/collections/literature-literary-fiction/products/all-this-could-be-yours

If you would to take a look at Atomic Books. Here is there website: https://atomicbooks.com/

Until next time!

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