Movie of the Day: Crossing Delancey (1988)

I am a huge fan of Turner Classic Movies. I especially enjoy finding movies from the 1980’s on that channel that I have never watched. Over a decade ago I was open the TCM app and was browsing through the library of movies that were available to watch. When I came across this movie:

Crossing Delancey (1988) directed by Joan Micklin Silver and starring Amy Irving, Peter Riegert and Reizel Bozyk. It is about a grandmother’s quest of getting a matchmaker to match her favorite granddaughter with the man of her dreams.

However the granddaughter named Izzie who is played by Amy Irving does not feel the need to be matched up. She feels like her life is complete with her career working at a bookstore. She is in charge of booking famous authors to do book signings at the store and has a crush on an author who comes to the store.

Her Bubbie makes her meet up with the matchmaker played by the amazing Sylvia Miles:

And the matchmaker feels like the love that Izzie has been waiting for is…..

The owner of a pickle store played by Peter Riegert. Izzie absolutely disagrees with the match matcher. However it takes a little bit of twists and turns but in the end love conquers and win.

A fun fact about this movie: Amy Irving and Peter Riegert were in both in the movie traffic (2000)

Until next time!!!


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